Cashew Butter Healthy Energy Balls Recipe (vegan + gluten free)

Cashew Butter Healthy Energy Balls Recipe for a delicious vegan and gluten free treat.

Cashew butter healthy energy balls for a delicious treat. What I love about these healthy energy balls is how rich and flavorful they are. And they are made with just five simple ingredients and are so versatile! If you do not have cashew butter, you can easily add in any nut butter that you have. You can also add any extras such as nuts, seeds  or even chocolate chips.

They contain a healthy mix of protein, fats and carbs making them the perfect any time treat, to keep you full and energised. I like to have them as an afternoon pick me up to keep my energy and concentrations levels up. Or after dinner for delicious dessert.

Recipe- Cashew  Butter Healthy Energy Balls (vegan + gluten free)



  1. Add cashew butter, agave, oats, and protein powder to a medium bowl and mix well until fully combined
  2. Roll into balls using hands
  3. Place in a container to set in the fridge for at least 1 hour before enjoying
  4. Keep them stored in the fridge as they will become soft at room temperature

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I hope you enjoy this Cashew Butter Healthy Energy Ball Recipe!

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Cashew Butter Healthy Energy Balls Recipe (vegan + gluten free)


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  1. Donna
    September 15, 2017 / 8:31 pm

    These look so good must try these

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