Discovering Femme Fit Sonic Cleanser: Review

Discovering Femme Fit Sonic Cleanser Review
 Facial cleansing brushes became really popular a few years ago, when we all started scrubbing and exfoliating our faces with cleansing devices with the aim of much clearer and unclogged skin.
I’ll be honest, I tried the cleansing brushes and whilst it made my skin feel extra clean, soft and smooth, I could never fully integrate into my routine. I think it was because they were a little bulky and the constant need of changing, made it feel inconvenient.
Recently I was introduced to the Femme Fit Sonic Cleanser from LouLou Loves and it completely changed my cleansing routine!


This is a pocket sized sonic cleanser that uses a silicone brush rather than abrasive synthetic hairs. It’s bacteria resistant, making it a lot more hygienic and it is also easy to wash. After using it, it just needs a rinse and a bit of soap. When you’re aiming for clearer, smoother skin, it defeats the object if you’re cleansing your face with a product that has a build up of grime and bacteria!

The cleanser has the ability to produce up to 8,000 T-Sonic pulsations per minute so it massages your face and removes dirt, oil and makeup residue all at the same time.
The low-frequency sonic pulse boost blood circulation which increases collagen and elastin production to restore the skins firmness, tone and texture.
It is also waterproof, totally portable and comes in Hot Pink or Turquoise.
Discovering Femme Fit Sonic Cleanser Review

Discovering Femme Fit Sonic Cleanser Review


I just cleanse my face as usual, removing my makeup. Then I take my cleanser, I am currently loving the caudalie cleansing milk and work it all over my face before using the Femme Fit. Using small circular movements, I work this all over my face from side to side.

The pulsations are light and gentle, you can adjust the power and speed to you taste using the little + and – signs on the back of the device. It has been scientifically proven that this device removes 99.5% of dirt, oil and makeup residue.

Discovering Femme Fit Sonic Cleanser Review

Your skin feels super clean afterwards and even after the first use my skin felt so much more soft and smooth. It offers a really deep cleanse but is gentle enough for everyday use.

After using I just apply my cleanser and serum as usual and your skin looks flushed, healthy, plump and refined.


In honesty, this has now become a daily step in my routine and I really look forward to it. I have totally fallen for it and it feels like a real pampering treat at the end of the day. I love the fresh and plumped feeling it leaves and the skin never feels tight or uncomfortable after using.  After continued use my skin is a lot clearer and smooth and I think that is down to the deep cleanse this device provides.
So without going on any more about how fantastic this product actually is, I’ll just say I would highly recommend it and it’s become a daily essential in my routine. You can purchase yours here.
Discovering Femme Fit Sonic Cleanser Review
Have you tried a cleansing device? Or would you give it a try?
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Thank you so much to LouLous Loves for sponsoring this review and helping me to discover such an amazing new product.

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