Today I am going to share something I am really excited about! I saw so many bloggers talking about derma rolling and the amazing results they have had from using an at home derma roller, that I had to try it out!

I have recently incorporated derma rolling into my skin care routine and after 1 month I am loving the results!

What is Derma Rolling?

A derma roller is a facial roller that contains hundreds of tiny needles. When you roll the needles on your face it creates tiny little punctures or ‘micro -injuries’, this sends signals to your body to repair your skin. This helps boost collagen and elastin production, as well as boost circulation. This makes a derm roller super beneficial in leaving your complexion tighter and plumper than it was beforehand.

Derma rolling is also great for filling in fine lines, wrinkles and preventing early signs of ageing. It is also effective in treating acne scars and discoloration as it penetrates the skin deeply.

Another amazing thing about using a derma roller is it boosts ingredient absporption up to 90%. Meaning your skin care products can work much more effectively.

How to Choose a Derma Roller

Derma-rollers come in different needle sizes, the bigger the needle, the more painful the rolling. I personally chose the 0.5 mm from Ecooking. I think anything bigger than 1.0mm is best to be carried out by a professional as this has a high risk of skin damage.

How to Use the Derma roller

As derma-rolling creates micro injures, it’s best to do this at night and before bed. My face is always very red afterwards. Also as your pores are wider, you absolutely do not want to then apply any makeup. Clean your skin thoroughly before beginning as you do not want roll any dirt or makeup deeper into your skin. Ensure your skin is completely dry and your ready to start.

I personally derma roll my entire face, as I have large pores all over that I wish to work on. I also aim to use this as a preventative treatment to those first signs of ageing. However if you only have certain areas where you have scaring, large pores or wrinkles, then you can focus on this. Just be a little more delicate on the lips and eye area.

I did a lot of research on the best way to use the derma roller and there are many useful Youtube Video and articles, showing you how. Most suggest to first roll vertically, followed by horizontally and concluding with a diagonal movement over the area. This ensures that you reach every pore.

You should use minimal pressure as the needles are sharp enough. Pressing down hard will not only be pretty painful but it could also damage your skin.


Products to Use with your Derma Roller:

After I have finished with the derma roller. I apply a moisturising serum and really massage it into my skin. As your pores are open it’s a great time to use something that is really moisterising as it will plump up the skin. I have been loving the Ecooking FUGT Serum. This one contains Hyaluronic acids, which are a natural part of the body’s anatomy. Hyaluronic disappears with age. That is why deeper wrinkles occur and you will experience signs of dryness as you get older.

As hyalronic acid, I finish off with a facial oil to really maximize the amount of moisture I am adding into my skin. I love the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil, this is product I always repurchase and will probably always use. This not only replenishes the skin and leaves it glowing, but it also calms down the redness that always occurs after rolling.

I also love the Elemis Superfood Facial Oil and the Emma Hardy Brilliance Facial Oil.

I would not recommend using a strong acid or serum directly after using a derma roller as they are to harsh. As derma rolling injures your skin, it’s much more sensitive after. Save your Vitamin C and Retinols for another night.

I also recommend purchasing a bottle of antiseptic spray as it is very important that your derm roller is clean before it touches your skin as this could lead to breakouts.

Does a Derma Roller hurt?

A derma roller does look a bit intimidating. I was expecting it to hurt quite a bit, but actually it doesn’t hurt at all.  In fact the fist rime I gently pressed it against my skin expecting pain, but none came. I then pressed down much more firmly. You can feel it bit more on your forehead wear your skin is thinner. After your skin feels a bit prickly and tingly, and will also be quite red. But this has always disappeared by the next morning for me.

I actually find it quite relaxing and am looking at purchasing 1mm, which would hurt much more as it’s penetrating deeper into the skin, but would also be more effective.

How Often to use Derma Roller 

I do it 1-2 times a week although I have heard some people do it consistently for one week, then take a week off to let the skin rejuvenate.

Derma Rolling Results

This is something that will differ from person to person so I can only speak from my own experience. For me this has had the most positive impact on my skin out of anything I have tried so far. I am pretty amazed at how much this has improved the condition of my skin and have recommended derma rolling to everyone! My skin, is much more refined and plump. I am seeing a noticeable difference in size of my pores and have also noticed that scarring is fading.

On the days after I’ve used the device, my skin always looks healthier, brighter and glowing; it’s incredible really.

Have you tried Derma Rolling? What has your experience been like? Is it something you are interested in? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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