How to Glow like Gal Gadot

How to Glow like Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood today, thanks to the massive success of DC’s superhero flick Wonder Woman. The film has already grossed around $413 million domestically and $822 million worldwide, debunking the notion that female-led superhero movies are doomed to fail at the box office.

Of course, there is a great deal of preparation to make when you play a superhero role. Gal Gadot is no exception. How do you manage to make a 32-year-old mom look immaculate in the middle of a World War 1 battle? Thankfully, we can delve behind the scenes to discover the secrets of Gal Gadot’s glow.

Since Wonder Woman is the epitome of strength, Gadot undertook a grueling physical regimen for six months before shooting. Kristine Thomason reported that Gadot worked out six hours a day and gained 14 pounds of muscle. “I did two hours gym work, two hours fight choreography, and two hours horseback riding. Which is super hard,” she said in a TV interview.

Prior to her pre-filming conditioning program, Gal Gadot had already received military training when she served in the Israeli Defense Forces for two years. According to Romper, Gadot worked as a combat trainer during the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah War, which was a 34-day conflict between Lebanon and Israel. The actress expressed that while the military gave her good training for Hollywood, she found the 6-month regimen for Wonder Woman to be more intensive.

Even on her days off, Gadot sees to it she stays healthy and active. Her free time is mostly spent on paddle boarding and doing TRX (Total Resistance eXercise). As for eating healthy, Gadot mentioned that she eats a lot of fish and chicken and ensures that 30 to 40 percent of her diet is made up of cooked or raw vegetables. Surprisingly, she doesn’t say no to the likes of burgers, ice cream of chocolate, but she always practices eating controlled portions. She did share a simple beauty secret though: drink lots of water!

Since Gadot’s healthy lifestyle has blessed her with healthy glowing skin, she doesn’t need much makeup. In an interview with Hello! Magazine, Gadot’s make-up artist Sarah Brock said that she mainly uses products that hydrate her skin and create the perfect base. She iterated that she would use a primer with SPF 30 first before applying heavy makeup on Gadot’s skin.

Harper Bazaar shared another beauty trick from the actress: use a water spray when makeup loses its shine. Meanwhile, she keeps her makeup light in her everyday life by mixing a bit of moisturizer with foundation before applying.

Gal Gadot’s regimen certainly paid off when Wonder Woman soared in the box office. Since the film’s launch, Wonder Woman references have been springing up everywhere. Apart from the numerous action figures lining up the shelves in toy stores, you can also see young girls sporting Wonder Woman-themed tees or capes.

Other appearances of the character prior to the film have also gained more attention. The playable Wonder Woman character in the popular Injustice franchise, quickly became a fan-favorite. Similarly, the Wonder Woman slots game hosted on Slingo features the first actress who played the superhero, but now attracts fans of the younger Wonder Woman as well. All of this proves how far-reaching the iconic heroine’s impact is, and Gal Gadot raised people’s adoration for the character. Children even cry from admiration after seeing the actress in person, such was the case in San Diego Comic-Con.

It’s all thanks to Gal Gadot’s incredible performance as the strong female superhero. A person’s glow has much to do with inner qualities as outer ones. As people often say today, strong is the new sexy.

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