Hygge Hype | The new Wellness Trend Everyone is Talking About

Hygge is the new the wellness trend that everyone is talking about. And your’e going to be hearing and seeing a lot more of hygee on your Instagram feeds this Autumn #hygge.

9 books on the practice of hygge have already been released this year and it looks like there are many more to follow.

However, before you roll your eyes at the thought of another boring wellness trend.  Hygge is a very different kind to those that have been floating around.

Many wellness trends that have been prominent over the past few years have been restrictive, focused on removing things from your diet or life. Whilst the concept of eating well and living a positive life is something I’m passionate about, feeling guilty over eating a slice of cake or worrying how clean an item is does not.

Enter Hygge the new wellness trend that has got everyone excited.


Hygge is a popular Scandinavian ritual, the literal translation is  ‘cozy’ it means doing something that makes you feel warm and cozy inside.

The idea is to feel emotionally calm and connected.  Complete contentment. Taking time out to focus on enjoyment. Everyone has their own variation of it and there’s no rules as long as what you do makes you happy. In fact you probably have you own hygge moments without realising, the idea here is to have to these things more and make them a daily practice.

This is a wellness trend that has nothing to do with clean living.  If your moment of calm is eating chocolate and watching X factor then do it guilt free!

It’s about balance and is more spiritual, the feeling of being calm and soothed.

So why not try Hygge for yourself? Enjoy being kind to yourself, give yourself a treat and a break from the demmand of healthy living. Indulge in something that will make you feel good.

Here’s my list of things to do for that warm and cozy Hygge feeling.

Spend quality time with friends and family

Nothing can beat spending time with loved ones. My favourite way is enjoying a huge family roast with all the trimmings and good conversation round the dinner table, washed down with a class of wine.


Cuddles with Loved ones

Put on a film, cozy socks, grab a warm blanket and enjoy snuggle time.

Dim the lights and use candles instead

The soft light and flickering flames of a candle can be very soothing after a long day. Choose one with a lovely calming sent.


Making your favourite recipe

The smell of baking wafting through the house is about as hygge is it gets. Take your time and enjoy the process. Why not try Spiced Raisin Oat Biscuit or Ginger Bread Granola? Both guaranteed to make your home smell heavenly. 

Drink your favourite warm drink

Don’t feel guilty if that’s a hot chocolate with all those toppings.

Don’t deprive yourself

Hygge is all about indulging in the things that make us feel good — which, yes, pastries, cake and wine. 


Get outside

Whilst it’s fun to stay in and keep cozy when it’s cold outside. It’s also relaxing to go out and enjoy nature. Wrap up and enjoy the fresh air, feel the sun on your skin. 

Pick up a book

Pick up your favourite book or the one you haven’t had time to start yet. Get yourself cozy and enjoy some me time.

Put down the Phone

Enjoy feeling disconnected to social media. Focus on spending time with your loved ones. Play a board game or put on a funny film.

Taking a hot bath

Use all your favourite bath time treats, light a candle and enjoy having some you time.

Putting your Pj’s on after a long day

The best feeling after coming home is getting comfy straight away, choose your coziest ones and team with warm fluffy socks.

Buy yourself flowers

Don’t wait for someone else to do it. Enjoy the process of going to the store and picking out a bunch your love, stop and smell them throughout your day. Enjoy how they brighten up your home

Watch the sunrise or sunset

Make time to watch the sunrise or sunset with someone you care about

Coffee Shop


Have a long catch up in a coffee shop, lots of giggles and enjoy a slice of cake or favourite croissant.

Suddenly, plenty of cosy nights in this winter don’t sound half bad. Is hygge a wellness trend that you will indulge in? What are your hygge moments? Share them in the comments below

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  1. November 3, 2016 / 7:36 am

    Hi! I loved your post on hygge. It was very spot on 🙂

    • nourishyourglow
      November 3, 2016 / 2:30 pm

      Hi Cecilie,

      Thank you so much!! Hygge is my new favourite!


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