Indoor Plant Power

Indoor Plant Power + Health Benefits

I really love houseplants and any other sort of greenery that you can add to your home. There’s something that brings me so much happiness in seeing fresh flowers and indoor plants around my interior.

Buying fresh flowers every couple of weeks and taking care of my indoor plants is such a worth while investment in my eyes. I really enjoy the process of going and choosing plants/flowers, finding a place for them and taking care of them and watching them bloom!

Indoor Plant Power + Health Benefits

When you beautify your space with houseplants you’re not just making it look pretty, you’re also getting a wide range of benefits. Plants and flowers can enhance your well being and even quality of life.

Indoor Plant Power + Health Benefits

Benefits of Having Fresh Flowers and Indoor Plants in the Home:

Breathing Easier

During photosynthesis, plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which the body can then inhale. Added oxygen to the air also helps with concentration, alertness, detoxifies the bloodsand improves the immune system.

Releasing Water

Plants release moisture, which increases humidity of the air around them.  Increased humidity can help with asthma, prevents dry skin/hair and reduces infections.

Purifying Air

‘Plants are the oldest and most human-friendly air filters on the planet.’- Carol Shearn.

Even when were at home we are exposed to so many air contaminants such as, chemical cleaners, detergents, smoke and bacteria. As we spend most of our time at home it’s really important to make sure that air is fresh. Plants can remove and absorb these toxins from the air, making it more fresh and clean.

Plants help reduce stress and create a feeling of well-being

I personally find nature so peaceful and calming and even just a bunch of flowers or some plants in the corner of a room really brightens my mood. Research has shown that having plants around can make you feel more optimistic, motivated and energised.



I hope you enjoyed this post and found it interesting. Do you like having indoor plants and fresh flowers around your home?

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