Okuma Nutritionals WuLong Slimming Tea Review

Slimming teas are so huge right now, I’ve been seeing them everywhere on social media and in the press, all boasting about the amazing benefits you can get simply from drinking a few cups of tea a day.

The aim of slimming teas is to ‘help boost your metabolism, flush out toxins, reduce bloating and burn fat’.

The teas are drank alongside whatever you usually eat, and you can simply replace your usual morning and lunch time drinks.

As you can imagine I was super excited when the lovely people from Okuma Nutritionals contacted me and offered me the chance to try their WuLong slimming tea. First of all as I’m obsessed with all tea and secondly as I’ve never tried a slimming tea before or in fact an Oolong tea. After doing some research online I found such rave reviews that I decided I had to try it out for myself!

Okuma Naturals Wulong Sliming tea review

Okuma Naturals Wulong Sliming tea review

What’s so great about WuLong Tea?

WuLong Tea is a form of Oolong tea. Rich in natural antioxidants that help to boost metabolism and burn fat.

WuLong Tea is 100% all natural. There are no chemicals, no pesticides, no GMO’s, no artificial flavours, no artificial colours. Completely clean with no nasties. You all know I’m a lover a natural products so for me this was already a massive bonus.

What makes Wulong Tea unique from the rest is the high quality. Not all Oolong Teas are created equal, it all depends on how they are grown and produced. Okuma’s WuLong tea is grown in the Anxi region of the Fujian province of China. The way the WuLong tea is grown and processed ensures the highest levels of antioxidants remain within the tea leaf. Meaning you reap more benefits then you would with others, where the antioxidant levels have been diluted during production.

What attracted me to this tea were the incredible reviews and scientific data that backs up the benefits. I was so impressed with all the extensive external scientific trials, as a lot of other brands of slimming teas don’t offer anything in the way of evidence.

Okuma Naturals Wulong Sliming tea review

I also appreciate that Okuma is honest in its claims and only promotes benefits that have scientific data to back them up.

There have been a whopping 37 scientific studies on the benefits of drinking Wulong tea. All of these studies come to the same conclusion. That drinking Wulong Tea can assist in weight loss by increasing your metabolism and fat oxidation for up to 24 hours.

The Science

  • Increases your metabolism and energy levels
  • Regulate blood sugar levels
  • Packed with polyphenols for strong immunity
  • Elevates your mood and mental alertness
  • Helps burn fat and promotes fat oxidation
  • Reduces cravings
  • Promotes other health benefits
  • High antioxidants can help clear acne outbreaks
  • Strengthen teeth and gums
  • Increase strength of immune system
  • Increase energy expenditure (35%-43% higher rate than those who do not drink it)

How does it taste?

Once brewed the tea has a light brown colour. You can also buy capsules if you’re not really into tea. If you like green tea then I think you will really enjoy the taste of this too.

The Wulong tea has a delicate, smooth flavour that I personally really enjoyed. I found it gave me a nice light energy boost from the caffeine similar to after drinking a green tea. The tea is pleasant and easy to drink with no bitterness as long as it is brewed as instructed.

Are they Convenient?

I was sent a box to test that contained enough for one month. The instructions are to take the tea twice daily, once 15 minutes before breakfast and again 15 minutes before lunch. To make you simply boil the water and let the tea steep for 3 to 5 minutes. Super quick and easy to fit into your day, even if you work at an office like me.

I’m a regular tea drinker and love herbal teas so for me the only difference has been which tea bags I use! The seal up packets are handy and make the teas really portable and easy to travel with or store neatly away.

Okuma Naturals Wulong Sliming tea review


The results

I didn’t aim to lose weight although I can say, that I did definitely noticed some positive results.

Usually between breakfast and lunch I get hungry and have to have a snack, I noticed that after drinking WuLong tea I stayed fuller for longer between meals. It also prevented cravings for sugar and unhealthy snacks.

I loved that the tea gave me a nice caffeine boost in the morning, making it a lot easier to get going and arriving at work with lots of energy. Drinking the tea before lunch kept me boosted and energised throughout the afternoon. I completely gave up my green tea when testing the Wulong and didn’t have any other caffeine except this. There were no caffeine crashes or dips in energy and I was surprised to find I didn’t miss green tea at all!

Okuma Naturals Wulong Sliming tea review

I also noticed that it helped with bloating and water retention, I felt lighter and balanced when testing this. Drinking a mug before eating, filled me up, meaning and ate a bit less but still felt satisfied.

I think it’s definitely worth a try if you’re looking for a natural product to aid your weight loss. And I would highly recommend this tea over others. Studies show that the body is able to burn a few hundred extra calories per day with the use of WuLong tea and as there’s a 90 day satisfaction guarantee you really have nothing to lose.

If you have any questions about the Okuma Nutritionals Slimming tea then leave them in the comments and I’ll get back to you.

I hope you found this review interesting. Thank you to Okuma Nutritionals for supporting my blog by sponsoring this post. If you would like to try the WuLong Tea for yourself, you the coupon code  HAYLEY10 for 10% off your entire order.

Love Hayley X

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