How To Plan a Wedding Stress Free with Thomas Sabo

How To Plan a Wedding Stress Free with Thomas Sabo

In collaboration with Thomas Sabo

In six months time I’ll be getting married!

Marius proposed just over 1 and half years ago. We knew we didn’t want to get married straight away, but we didn’t want too wait too long either.

I really wanted to enjoy the process of planning our special day and didn’t want it to become a huge stressful thing that consumed all our time. So today in collaboration with Thomas Sabo I am going to share the ways we planned our wedding to ensure we enjoyed the process stress free.

How To Plan a Wedding Stress Free with Thomas Sabo

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How To Plan a Wedding Stress Free with Thomas Sabo

Plan your Wedding Stress Free my Top Tips

Start Early. Choose your wedding date and work backwards from there to give yourself enough time to enjoy your engagement.

Budget. The very first thing me and Marius did when we started to plan the wedding was to sit down and work out our maximum budget. We went through every thing we would need to spend money on, from the dress to the favours and worked out the most we would be happy to spend on everything. We already had the wedding budget saved so when we came up with our final figure we transferred it straight into a separate bank account to keep things easier.

Having a budget meant we had realistic expectations and didn’t have to worry about overspending.

The Big Question. From the moment you get engaged you will constantly be asked about your wedding plans. Don’t feel like you have to come up with a plan straight away and don’t feel pressured to start planning if you want to enjoy your engagement or its not a practical time for you both.

Talk About It. Me and Marius spent a few evenings (more like weeks lol) talking about what kind of wedding we wanted and what we wanted from the day. We actually had pretty similar ideas and expectations, but it makes it easier to plan once you know the outlook you want for the day.

Pinterest. Pinterest was a massive saviour when it came to planning the details. I created a secret wedding board and installed the Pin It button to my browser. This meant that whenever we were browsing and found things that we loved we could just Pin the link and check it out later.

The Planner. The beginning stages of wedding planning can seem daunting, especially if you are planning a big event. We bought a notebook just for the planning and made headings for each thing we needed to do to make sure we didn’t miss anything out. We wrote down our to do lists and all the tasks we would have to do and ticked things off as we went along.

You cant please everyone. Everyone has an opinion and when it comes to weddings people just love to share theirs. Whilst sometimes it’s useful and helpful, when it’s something you may have otherwise overlooked. Sometimes it can just get too much.

Also, those voices can contradict one another. So take a deep breath and remind yourself that the only two whose opinions count are you and your future hubby.

Remember, the day is about you and your Fiance and not about trying to please everyone at the same time. This is your big day and a chance to embrace your personalities and express who you are to create a day you will remember forever.

Details. It’s all in the details. After you have the fundamentals planned (Venue, Dress, DJ, Flowers, etc) it’s time for the fun part.. planning the details. It’s the little details that make all the difference. The decor, favours and wedding jewellery are where you can really add the wow factor and inject your wedding with your style.

Accept Help. If anyone offers help to make the big day easier accept it. If the florist offers to liase with the venue to organise the delivery, say yes! If the venue offers to hep you set up, say yes!  Often the bride and groom feel that because it’s their wedding, they must do everything themselves. Not true! Your bridal party, family, and vendors are all there to help! Don’t hesitate to delegate jobs and responsibilities for the big day. Not only will this take away a lot of your stress, it will also help things run more smoothly! You can assign someone to be in charge of loading gifts, taking home any décor you plan to keep, bagging your wedding gown when the day is over… all kinds of important little tasks that you don’t need to be worrying about on your wedding day!
Book as many services as you can with a single vendor. Our venue also provided chair covers, set up, a toast maker, DJ etc. Which not only meant that we got a great deal, it also meant that there was less chance of something going wrong and there will be less people we need to coordinate with.
 Prioritise. When starting to plan your special day start with the key elements. Venues, caterers and photographers can get booked up a long way in advance so put these on top of your list. 

Wedding-free zones. There is so much to plan for your special that at times you may feeling totally overwhelmed. Plan to spend some quality time with your fiance, to remember why you are getting married in the first place without worrying about your guest list.

The Dress. The dress is such a big moment for any bride. I found my dress after visiting four different shops. I had a pretty clear idea of the kind of dress I wanted, but my advice would be to try on everything. You may be surprised, if you try on a different cut and shape you could end up loving it! I ended choosing the style I thought I would, but my second choice was completely different and a style I didn’t think I would like at all.

How To Plan a Wedding Stress Free with Thomas Sabo

How To Plan a Wedding Stress Free with Thomas Sabo

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I hope you find these tips helpful. If you did, be sure to share them with your brides-to-be so that they too can have a stress free planning process.

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