I love spa trips, I don’t go on them often enough. Desperately in need of some relaxation, I was really excited when I was invited to check out the Spafitness Winter Escape at Bank House hotel in Worcester.

Although this isn’t your typical Spa break. This escape includes a weekend of all-inclusive luxury accommodation, rejuvenating spa treatments, a personal trainer and Chef at hand to answer any questions you may have.

The best part is you can totally customise the weekend to make it most beneficial and enjoyable for your personal needs. You can choose how many fitness or relaxation activities you take part in and it’s all optional.

The Hotel

The Bank house hotel is located in the Worcestershire countryside, between Great Malvern and Worcester. With the stunning Malvern Hills as a backdrop.

The hotel is a mix of traditional/ modern, with amazing attention to detail. I fell in love with the décor, so cosy with the most beautiful flowers dotted everywhere.

Our room was large, comfortable with a luxurious finish. Our room included, complimentary refreshments, hair dryer, soft towels, and complementary toiletries.

Every single member of staff I came in to contact with were warm and friendly offering seamless, exceptional customer service. It’s a family run hotel and I think you really get a feel of this from their personal touch.


The fitness aspect of the weekend involved, both group sessions and 1:1 with a personal trainer. It also included access to the gym facilities of the hotel.


The Spa was breath taking.  It has a beautiful Thermal Suite consisting of a Jacuzzi, Sauna and Steam Room and indoor swimming pool with a calming lounge area. A beautiful relaxation room where the loveliest soothing music plays. The spa uses Temple Spa products a brand that I had never heard of. Temple spa uses natural ingredients, with reduced chemicals and essential oils, and I have to say the products all smell amazing!!


The retreat started on a Friday. There were early bird spa treatments and an afternoon tea with healthy treats available for those who arrived early. Unfortunately as we commuted from London me and Marius arrived late just before 9pm, which also meant we missed the group three course dinner.

Check-in was smooth and the reception team were all lovely. We were given a quick tour of the mains rooms and areas we would be using which I found really helpful. After dropping our bags in our room we were offered to have the dinner just the two of us, however as it was late we decided to order something lighter from the bar which was included in the package. I chose chicken satay which was delicious and Marius went for the rump steak sandwich and he said it was amazing!

The bar area was so cosy with a roaring fire and beautiful décor. Me and Marius relaxed here for a while before calling it a night.

Day 1

Day 2 started with an early workout at 6.45 which was conveniently in a room just down the corridor from where our room was. Here we got to meet our personal trainer Jeremey and the rest of the group, who were all lovely. This workout consisted of circuit training including several different exercises for the whole body. I found this pretty challenging as I am not used to exercising on an empty stomach.

After a quick freshen up, the group met for our interactive breakfast session. This involved the chef talking about the preparation of breakfast and the ingredients used. I really enjoyed this and found out about a new gluten free flour called Gram, which is made from chick peas!

Breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs with spinach, smoked salmon served on a yummy bread roll. Followed by Vegan pancakes with a wide variety of fresh berries, yoghurt and honey.

After breakfast we headed to our first seminar, where we worked out some key metrics such as BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). We also talked about the importance of taking care of both your fitness and health.

Next up was our first PT session with Jeremy, me and Marius had ours together. During this session we tried a variety of new exercises and tried out TRX suspension training which was really fun. Jeremey is really passionate about getting the most out of your workout so most of the exercises we did targeted different areas of the body for maximum impact.


The gym was really well equipped and had everything you would need for a good workout.


Me and Marius decided to skip the next group workout and headed to the Spa area instead.

The steam and Jacuzzi rooms were just glorious and we basically had the spa to ourselves. There is also a swimming pool, where we took a quick swim. Here we were handed a carrot and cayenne smoothie which was ultra-delicious. Then it was time to freshen up and head to lunch.

For lunch we had chicken curry with cauliflower pilau rice and naan bread. This was so delicious although I couldn’t finish mine as I was still fill up from the smoothie!

Spa fitness review

Then it was time for Spa treatments, I went for the Power breakfast facial which was so calming and relaxing that I almost fell asleep! There was no background noise coming from outside the treatment room, meaning you could completely reconnect. The therapists were all lovely and afterwards we were given a glass of water and a mango sorbet which I felt was a really nice touch.


After the facial we decided to have some time in the relaxation room, we were handed another smoothie, this time coconut based and spent some time lounging before getting ready for the afternoon group workout. This involved some outdoor circuit training, where we got to use the TRX again and also some fun agility training. After this we all went back to our rooms to relax before getting ready for dinner.

Before dinner we met with the Chef who went through the ingredients that would be used to make our meal of Teriyaki Salmon. We were all asked to help prepare the foods so we could see exactly what ingredients were being used. I made the Teriyaki sauce and Marius chopped all the veggies. The result was delicious and we were served one of the biggest pieces of Salmon I had ever seen! Dinner followed with a bowl of strawberries and dark chocolate shavings.

Day 2

On day 3 me and Marius decided to skip the early morning workout. We met the group for breakfast which was my favourite…. porridge! This was made with steel cut oats and blueberries. We also chose a few things from the breakfast buffet and this was also delicious.

We then had a final group seminar, recapping all the things we have been through at the retreat and how we could incorporate this into our everyday lives. I had my final PT session where we did a variety of different exercises including boxing!

After this we had a final outside group circuit training which was similar to the day before with circuit training, TRX and agility.

Then it was lunch our final meal. We had a huge tofu salad before packing and saying our goodbyes.


I really enjoyed the SpaFitness retreat. The best thing is that the group was small so you really got to know each other and received a personalised service.  The spa itself was very quiet, with local members there which is really nice as at some points we had the whole thing to ourselves. I think the location is perfect, you’re far away enough from the hustle and bustle to properly relax.

I enjoyed the mix of both fitness and relaxation along with the healthy food. The food was superb and incredible filling and satisfying! You definitely don’t go without on this retreat. I was worried that I’d go hungry with it being a wellness retreat, actually, the complete opposite. We ate like Kings and Queens. I also really liked that there were really yummy vegan options available too.

I think this would suit people of all fitness levels as the exercises can be customised to your ability and it’s all optional. Plus you have Jeremy who can help you on your fitness journey. He offered great advice throughout the weekend on how we could make the most out of our fitness in our every day lives.  It’s also great if you want to learn more about health and nutrition as you are only served natural nutritious food and have a chef at hand to answer any questions you have.

It’s amazing to not have to worry about fitness, health or relaxation when taking a break, it’s already planned out for you. I think its lovely knowing you can choose to lounge by the Spa or be as active as you want to be.

I definitely left feeling very relaxed and rejuvenated although slightly sore from all the exercise and would highly recommend it.

Would I go back? Yes definitely!

You can find out more about SpaFitness and the Bank House Worcester here.

I would like to thank Lynn and Jeremy for inviting us both to the weekend and for a making it a truly wonderful experience.

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Love Hayley X


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  1. Donna
    December 2, 2016 / 7:43 pm

    This sounds like a really fantastic place to recharge and get on track to a more healthy lifestyle. May try this place in the New Year.