Turning 28 Highlights and Lessons

Hello, Twenty Eight! I turned twenty eight a few days ago whilst in Paris! This year has been AMAZING, and I cant believe how fast it has gone, truly a beautiful blur. I always like to reflect when it’s my Birthday, so I thought I would share some of my highlights and lessons learned from this past year.

Wedding Planning.

We planned our wedding (almost) with the exception of a few details, everything is organised and I am so excited!


We moved from London to Birmingham and found the most beautiful apartment of our dreams.


Our trip to Naples. I had never actually been to Italy before and I feel in love with the food, streets and architecture!

Self employed.
I officially became self employed and am now full time on this blog and my social media accounts.
I visited Romania for the second time and explored Transylvania and ate all the Papanasi .

UK Travels.

We explored UK a lot! To name a few places, Cambridge, York, Worcester and Cotswolds.

Self Care.

The longest relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself. So look after yourself first and foremost. Self care is your #1 priority.

Spending my Birthday in Paris. My second time visiting and we had the most magical time

Camera Equipment.

I finally invested in a fancy camera and lens. I have been blogging for almost two years and have only ever used my iPhone to take images! I’m super excited to improve the quality of my photos and learn how to use a professional camera finally!

You Already Know the Answer.

You Already Know The Answer. It took me 28 years to realise that a lot of the times when you ask a question, you already know the answer. Your gut is so accurate! I realised that when I go against my gut, the outcome is never positive.

Outfit – JeansJumper CoatTrainers – Bag ( Carvela sold out) similar


I worked on changing my attitude a lot this year, I became much more relaxed, grateful for what I have, and way more patient.

Working out is always a good idea

Not because you hate your body, but because you love it. Find an exercise you enjoy and do it regularly! For me it’s Pilates from home and the occasional jog around the block.  Working out regularly positively affects my mind, mood and my body, of course. An instant feel good boost!

You are in control of how you feel.

You cannot control what other people do or say, but you can control your own space and the people in it.

“The key is to catch yourself as soon as you realize you’re thinking a negative thought and switch it to something you appreciate instead.”

I was lucky enough to work with some of my favourite brands in 2017, such as Thomas Sabo, Nokia Health, Dyson and Urban Fruit!
Lifestyle Content

Incorporating more lifestyle content into my blog and social media accounts. I started off purely sharing healthy recipes and I am so happy to share more and more. My blog and social media will naturally grow with me. My goal now is to promote self love and share parts of my life with you that I feel could benefit and empower someone, make someone feel positive or more confident and happy through posts about health, beauty, food, lifestyle etc.

Take time off

Time off is important. It can be much harder than it seems, especially when you work for yourself so if you’re not doing the work no one else will. When I do take time off, I’m much more relaxed, positive and creative.



Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to check out my other social media pages & blog posts! Thanks again!

Love Hayley X

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Turning 28 Highlights and Lessons


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