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8 Best Ways to Get Internet for Travel

Getting internet while on the road or on a long-needed vacation can sometimes be very challenging. Some devices and service providers can help you with the problem, but it will all depend upon a few variables. Where you are headed, how long you will be gone, how much you have to budget for the internet, and how you travel. 

With the onboard technologies today, many cars can offer a hotspot, which makes things easy, but it doesn’t help you much if you are tucked under the covers in a nice motel room. Let’s take a quick look at the 8 best ways to get internet for travel so you can choose the route you need before you take off from home.

  1. Hotel And Restaurant Free Wi-Fi – Taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi at the hotels and restaurants you use is one of the best ways to get connected if you are on a budget and do not need a secure line. The internet in these places can be spotty at times, but they will work most of the time for basic tasks, such as reading and writing emails and checking out some good spots in the area to visit. 
  2. Travel Router – Some of the free internet connections you come across may not be the best, so you should always carry a travel router around. These devices are similar to the ones that you have at home. You will need to plug an ethernet cord into the connection, such as in the hotel room, to get a better, more secure connection.
  3. Car Wi-Fi Hotspots – If you have driven, or rented, a newer car that offers mobile hotspots, you will find that this is an affordable way to have an internet connection no matter where you are traveling. You will need to connect the car’s hotspot to a mobile plan, but they are very affordable when considering some of the options.
  4. Satellite or 4G LTE – This is a great way to supplement your use of free data hotspots when on the road. If it is attached to an iSelect internet plan, you will have excellent service wherever you go, and most offer unlimited data. However, the upfront equipment can be expensive, as can the service itself.
  5. Use A Local Sim Card – If you are going to be in your destination location for more than a couple of weeks, you should consider getting a Sim card that fits into your phone but offers local service. It is one of the cheapest ways to get local internet, but it can be difficult at times to find a Sim card with a company that can actually offer good internet connections.
  6. International Sim Card – Another common way to get internet connections when going out of the country is by using International Sim cards. They can be purchased before you leave, making it more convenient than finding one once you get to your destination. This may be your best option if you are only planning on using your mobile phone to gain internet access.
  7. USB Dongle – If you are already planning on getting a SIM card for the location you are traveling to, this may be a viable option for you. It is a device that will plug into the port of your laptop and will give you a decent internet connection. The only problem is that the USB Dongle will need to be inserted into a laptop with a working battery. It cannot be used on any other type of device, so it will need to be paired with a local or International Sim card.
  8. Pocket Wi-Fi Router – This is an option in a few countries, such as Japan. It is similar to a travel router, but it is one that you can rent when you get to your destination. You can use it to connect to various devices, and since it is a rental, you will only have to pay for the amount of time you need to access the internet. 

These 8 ways to gain access to the internet while traveling will give you the connection you need. The type you get will depend upon the specific circumstances of your life, but since there are so many options, there is no reason not to get out on the road and have some fun. Enjoy life, travel everywhere, and use the internet whenever you need it.