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Customise Your Ute Into The Perfect Camping Vehicle

Camping is one of Australia’s most popular recreational activities, people love to get away from all the hustle and bustle of civilization, and stretch out under the forest’s trees, or on a remote river bank. The best way to get out into the wilderness where regular cars can’t venture is to drive your ute, its rugged design makes it the perfect vehicle for any camping adventure.

While a regular ute can handle the basics of camping fairly handily as is, the installation of a highly versatile ute canopy takes things to a whole new level, allowing you to custom design the camping vehicle of your dreams! 

Here are some of the things you can do to get your ute ready for anything the wild country can throw at it!

Roof Rack – Let’s start things off with that lovely ute canopy, which can be put to so many purposes. In this case, we are going to make it into a second-floor tent platform! Nobody really likes to pitch their tent down on the uneven ground, where you are at the same level as critters and creepy crawlies that can sometimes even be dangerous, as is the case with Australia’s many venomous snakes! If it rains hard you don’t need to worry since you will be up high and dry out of the reach of any puddling and mud! Then when it’s time to break camp, the tent comes down and you can load your canoe, or your water skis, or any other cumbersome item a regular car can’t easily transport, up there on that handy roof rack!

Extra Lights – Your ute canopy provides the perfect place to attach additional lighting options to your ute. Extra headlights, emergency flashers, turn signals, and reverse lights make navigating down dark forest roads a much safer experience. You can also install adjustable spotlights that you can control from inside the cab that are perfect for viewing nocturnal wildlife, or finding your way through a rough patch of Outback trail. 

Toolbox and Storage – camping can be a gear-intensive outing, requiring a variety of tools and clothing that can make your stay in the wilderness not just survivable, but fairly comfortable! Consider installing a custom toolbox and storage canopy on top of your ute’s rear tray. This can have compartments and drawers along the sides for any camping implement you need, like cooking and fishing gear, and even be big enough to lay down a couple of sleeping bags in if there’s not enough room for all the expedition members up in the rack’s tent! Whatever you think you might need can be safely towed away and kept dry during the drive, ready to be brought out and put to use once you have staked out your campsite.

Camp Kitchen – Even after all of that there is still room for a portable camp kitchen! Attach the kitchen countertop to the ute canopy so it can be folded out when you are ready to put your wilderness feast together. You can install a two-burner gas stove that makes cooking a breeze, much easier than trying to do it over open coals, especially in inclement weather! 

Happy ute camping!