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Four Great Getaway Ideas for This Valentine’s Day

The festive season is far behind us, and the supermarket shelves are already filling up with chocolate goods for the impending Easter holidays – even as the clearance Christmas decorations remain on display. But, before the coming of the spring, there is another key consumer holiday it would behove you to remember: Valentine’s Day! 

The 14th February is the perfect time to restate your love and appreciation for your partner. If you’re stuck for gift ideas, there is none better than the impromptu romantic weekend away. But where should you take them?

A Weekend in Paris

For the quintessential romantic getaway, there really is no better place than Paris. Paris is world-renowned as the romantic capital of the West, the ‘city of love’ that attracts couples of all stripes all year round. It is a no-brainer to take your partner on a brief hop across the Channel, for a weekend retreat chock-full of romantic activities from candle-lit dinners to strolls down the Seine and beyond. 

An Iberian Cruise

If you want a holiday with a little more substance, you might consider a longer trip taking in some of the best Europe has to offer. There is only one way to do this properly, especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day: by cruise.

More specifically, you could seek out a romantic river cruise down one of Europe’s many waterways. A strong option can be found in the river Douro, which runs through the Iberian peninsula from the Soria Province in Spain to the Portuguese city of Porto. Along this river, you can enjoy countless incredible sunsets – to say nothing of the amazing local food you’d get to sample along the way.

A Prague City Break

Not all Valentine’s Day holidays need to be steeped in the hallmarks of romance. Sometimes, the gesture itself is romantic enough – and the holiday can be better catered to your collective interests. If you’re both culture vultures, and you’re hoping for a good city destination to surprise your loved one with, you will find a hugely underrated cultural destination in the form of Prague – the capital of the Czech Republic. 

It is a thrumming hub of art and events, with everything from art museums and galleries to counter-cultural event spaces and bars – and it is surprisingly inexpensive to boot! This historic city could be the backdrop for an active city break like no other, and the perfect way to share one another’s interests abroad.

An Icy Getaway

For a romantic getaway like no other, you could look to the north – to colder, icier climes and an excuse to huddle for warmth. Iceland is a peculiar country, but one with a great deal to offer the unconventional valentine’s trip. This ostensibly freezing landscape is home to a wide array of natural hot springs, which you and your partner can enjoy together while watching for the Northern Lights. What could be more romantic than that?