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Going to Tulum? Here’s 4 Things You Should Do While There

Tulum in Mexico is one of the more popular resort towns as it resides on the Caribbean coast and has a range of activities to engage in. In addition to its remarkable history and culture, it also offers long, sandy beaches where you can idle away the days if you wish. Due to the fact that it is Mexico, you can also do exciting things if you feel the urge to be adventurous. As such, this post will cover four things to do when you are in Tulum that will cater to everyone’s interests.

green palm tree near body of water during daytime

Why Tulum?

Tulum is a great place to visit on vacation because it is essentially the closest to a tropical paradise that you might ever get. It has a fantastic beach, and it is surrounded by palm trees and natural beauty. It is often called the most beautiful place in the world by those who venture there, and some even end up staying for longer than they anticipated. In fact, according to the travel site, it tends to attract large amounts of tourism partly due to its natural beauty and partly because of its delicious and unique Mexican cuisine. Known for its white-sand beaches, turquoise waters, lush vegetation, and of course, plenty of activities, it is an amazing destination for tourists and intrepid travelers alike.


Four Must-Do Things In Tulum

Now that you are sufficiently lathered up and getting ready to book your tickets, you may be wondering what the most exciting activities in the area are. Fortunately for you, there are lots of things to see and do.


Visit The Coba Ruins

This first option is a true “must-do” activity whether you are interested in history or not. You can channel your inner Indiana Jones and set out to see this marvel of ancient Mayan engineering up close. In Tulum, Mexico, lies the Coba Ruins, a Mayan ancient archeological wonder, built by the Mayans around the year 800 AD (with the accepted consensus being +/- 100 years). The Coba Ruins in Mexico have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site because they are among the best-preserved ancient sites in the country. They are located atop a mountain and built sprawling over the mountainside. 

Currently, more ruins are being discovered, but it is known that once there was a large city with temples and palaces. Many ruins at the Coba Ruins are still intact after thousands of years, making them one of the best-preserved ancient sites in Mexico and a place that you don’t want to miss out on visiting if you are in the area.


Tikal temple, Guatemela

Unwind At The Playa Paraiso

A few days after your mountaintop adventure with archeology reminiscent of something from a Lucas or a Speilberg film, relax and enjoy the spectacular beaches available. One such brace is the Playa Paraiso which is arguably the most famous and for a good reason. 

Playa Paraiso is a beach in Tulum, Mexico. It is a small and secluded part of the Caribbean Sea and has beautiful white sand and turquoise waters. It is one of the most visited beaches in Mexico because it has a lot of activities for visitors to do, such as snorkeling, diving, kayaking, paddle-boarding, and more. While there is a range of tourism-related things to the rear of the beach, the view remains unspoiled, and you can gaze over the crystal clear waters and beyond the horizon. There is also the option of participating in several exciting and affordable activities offered along the shore if you decide that baking in the sun isn’t your thing!


Go On An Underground River Adventure

Numerous travelers have rated Tankah Bay as one of the world’s best beaches for snorkeling and scuba diving. Several water sports are available here as well, including kayaking and surfing. You can see colorful coral on either side of the bay, as well as a beautiful reef that extends into the ocean. However, the main attraction is its limestone caverns which also happen to be home to the second-largest coral reef in the world! 


Kayak Through The Cenotes Of Tulum

A cenote is a limestone sinkhole formed by the collapse of limestone caves. The best way to explore these mysterious cenotes is by kayak, as you can wind your way through the forest and get up close to nature, and paddle in and out of ancient caves systems.

Tulum is a marvel of the natural world and is blessed with many unique attractions that cater to those who prefer adventure and those who would rather get a suntan. With fantastic accommodation all around and a dizzying array of delicious food to sample, you will never be bored or left wanting in Tulum!