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How to Find Sober Friends

If you’ve recently chosen to quit drinking or are in recovery, it can be daunting and isolating to find yourself surrounded by an environment in which alcohol consumption is a common practice.

The challenge of feeling like you don’t belong, or worse, feeling judged for walking away from a social activity that encourages alcoholism, can be overpowering and disruptive. However, if your goal is to stay sober, finding friends who also prioritize sobriety is essential—and entirely possible!

This blog post will provide a detailed insight into how recovery is relatively more manageable when surrounded by like-minded people in facilitating programs like sober living homes and places where you can build a circle of sober friends to form meaningful relationships.

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How Do Sober Friends Help In Recovery?

Finding sober friends in support groups during recovery can tremendously positively affect the process. Being in an environment where you can meet sober friends who provide mutual support and understand what you’re going through can help your recovery enormously.

Sober friends understand the challenges of lasting recovery, offer support, comfort, and strength, and even safely ride out bad moments together.

Some more benefits of having sober friends include:

Like-minded Company

A sober community of like-minded people is an invaluable aid to recovering from drug and alcohol abuse.

Not only do sober friends understand what someone in recovery has gone through, but they can also be part of their journey toward creating a positive sober life filled with substance-free activities.

The sober companionship of like-minded sober people grants greater freedom and opportunity in life and can help block out any desire to relapse.

Reduced Stress 

Having sober friends in recovery groups is a great way to reduce stress and improve life satisfaction. By making friends who understand the struggles of alcohol addiction and substance abuse, individuals can share how they feel without feeling judged or ashamed.

For instance, a support group of sober people provides guidance and all the perks of having friends on the same journey.

Powerful Support System

Finding sober friends in recovery who form a powerful support system can be incredibly beneficial.

It is easier to stay sober and engage in pursuits that help build a fulfilling life when surrounded by people striving for the same goal, i.e., sober living. For example, the community aspect of attending alcoholics anonymous is a source of finding comfort and support through mutual relationship building.

Having sober friends encourages individuals to seek help and take responsibility for healthy choices. Ultimately, it creates an unwavering support system with accountability that helps ensure success in recovery.

Five Places Where You Can Find Sober Friends

Making new sober friends has its own unique challenges, especially when entering recovery from an addictive lifestyle.

However, many sober individuals have found solace in events and activities held regularly to provide a supportive environment for new friendships. A great place to start is a volunteer group, which will allow you to engage in meaningful acts of service and meet friends with similar recovery goals.

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Another option is participating in sober movements – from meetings and lectures to outdoor adventures and sober raves.

Below are mentioned five places where you can easily find sober friends.

Faith Groups

Faith groups are a great place to find sober friends and join sober social groups. Attending sober support groups or church-based fellowships can help individuals find strength and guidance and gain inspiration on their journey to sobriety.

A sober social group that supports your faith may provide ways for individuals to participate in more traditional activities with people in recovery, such as attending religious services and regular social activities.

Social Media

Social media is a great place to find sober friends and build online sober communities. With digital platforms like Sober Grid and Facebook groups, those leading a sober life can connect with like-minded individuals online and build meaningful friendships.

An online community can help you create a social life where you can find friends with shared interests.

Finding online communities has also become a practical way to ask for advice from others experiencing similar journeys of recovery by arranging regular meetings.

Sober Bars

If you have a burning desire to make new friends with like-minded women or men on a Friday night but don’t want the social pressure of the traditional bar scene, sober bars are the perfect place for you.

These dry bars offer specialty drinks like alcohol-free beers for non-drinkers where you can also find milkshakes and specialty mocktails that fulfill the purpose of sober bars.

Travel Retreats 

Travel retreats offer a unique opportunity for individuals looking for sober friends. It doesn’t matter if you take it as a one-time event; all it takes to sign up is the will to live a sober life away from addiction by finding sober friends who help you along in the journey.

Many of these group events feature live bands – providing a fun and social atmosphere, perfect for finding someone in your area or online who can be your real-life sober companion.

Sports Activities 

Sports activities are an excellent way of meeting other people who have chosen to remain sober.

Game nights, fitness classes, and other sports events provide a comfort zone where sober friends discuss and share interests with the world without the fear of judgment.

These fun activities allow us to form new relationships with other sober people who understand what it means to maintain sobriety as part of your lifestyle and provide us with a sense of belonging and comfort.


Finding sober friends can be a great way to establish and maintain sobriety while enjoying social activities.

Joining a book club or other group activities is a great start. These can provide a safe space away from drinking and other drug use for people looking for a new life.

Other options include joining various organizations, such as Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous, where you can quickly meet local, recovering peers. Additionally, it is always beneficial to join a social network for communicating with new acquaintances in recovery.

You can also try out one of the many sober dating apps available on the internet that are designed explicitly for sober individuals looking for meaningful connections.