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Lash Extensions: Why You Need It

A lash extension will help you achieve the flawless look you have always desired. You can get the best lash extension supplies in Australia if you want to DIY or book an appointment with a lash technician. In this article, you will learn the benefits of lash extension, the types of extension you can choose from, how to care for your lash extension, and frequently asked questions about a lash extension. 

Benefits of Lash Extension 

Here are the benefits of fixing lash extensions.

1. Comfortable to Use

Since lash extensions are lightweight, they are comfortable and convenient. The extensions blend easily with your natural lashes, giving you a bolder look.

2. Easy to Fix

Unlike false eyelash that is affixed directly to the skin, lash extensions are attached to individual lashes. So, you don’t have to be concerned about skin infection and irritation. 

Also, lash extensions are very comfortable and light. You don’t have to bother about the lashes pulling on your skin.

2. Enhances Your Appearance

Applying lash extensions is a good way to enhance your natural look. The lash extensions come in various lengths. 

Your lash tech can fix the longer extensions on the outer corner of your eyes. In comparison, the shorter lashes are fixed close to the inner corner of your eyes.

3. Requires Less Maintenance 

Fixing lash extensions directly to your natural lashes requires less maintenance. You can easily clean the lashes and comfortably close your eyes. 

But you must avoid rubbing and touching your lashes to make the extensions last longer.

4. Easy to Customize

The lash extensions come in various lengths, curls, and tints. You choose the colors that resonate with your style. 

If you need more tints of lash extensions, you can get the best lash extension supplies in Australia to enhance your look.

So it is advisable to allow your lashes to grow for some time before using extensions again. In addition, you can use lash cream and serum to grow your natural lashes.

Types of Lash Extensions 

There are three lash extensions you can choose from. These eyelash extensions differ in price, material, and style.


The mink lash extensions are similar to natural ones, though expensive. The extension lasts longer when compared to silk and synthetic lashes. Due to the lightweight nature of the mink eyelashes, you can fix many extensions without pulling on your skin.


Eyelash extensions are light and soft, which makes them safe to attach to your natural lashes. These eyelashes have a semi-matte finish, and the dark colors add to the dramatic effect of lash extensions.  Also, if you are allergic to animal fur, you should consider choosing silk lashes.


As the most popular of all types of lashes,  synthetic extensions are affordable compared to other eyelashes. Although the extensions are not the most natural of all lashes, they are good enough to enhance your look. 

How to Care for Lash Extensions

Here are ways to care for your lash extensions to make them last longer.

  • Before going for your lash appointment, ensure you don’t wear makeup because it affects the adhesive for attaching the lashes.
  • Avoid touching them with water, oil, sweat, and steam within 48 hours after attaching the eyelashes.
  • Use oil-free cleansers to cleanse the lash extensions.
  • Resist touching and rubbing your eyelashes often, which could weaken the semi-permanent glue.
  • You can get protective shields to cover your eyelash extensions while showering.
  • You can use oil-free lash creams to make your natural eyelashes grow stronger and longer.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Lash Extensions

Before choosing the type of extension that suits your style and budget, you must consider some factors. These factors include:

Length of the Lash Extension

Lash extensions come in various lengths, ranging from 5mm to 15mm. They might consider fixing longer extensions if you want a bold, dramatic look. Experts advise that the length of extensions should vary for a balanced and natural look. 

Thickness and Volume 

The thickness and volume of the eyelashes you fix matters. Thicker lashes give you a bolder and more dramatic appearance. The basic method of fixing extensions is by affixing each lash to the natural ones, but the eyelashes can be paired in clusters. 

The lash clusters vary from 2D to 9D. If you fancy a bolder appearance, then choose extensions between 4D to 9D.

Type of Curls

The curl types of lash extensions vary and are categorized as letters; J, C, B, L, and D. Depending on how dramatic you want your appearance to be, your lash technician will fix the lash with curls that compliment your natural lashes.

FAQs About Lash Extensions 

How long do lash extensions last?

The length of time your lash extension lasts depends entirely on how well you care for it. Usually, lash extensions can last up to six weeks. 

Just like your natural lashes, the last extensions also fall off. You can visit the lash tech to fill the fallen lash extensions when this occurs.

Can I fix lash extensions at home?

To avoid damage to your eyes and lashes, it is best to go to a certified lash technician to fix your lash extensions. 

Although you can easily fix a false eyelash yourself, booking an appointment with an expert is safer for lash extensions.

Do lash extensions ruin your natural lash?

No, lash extensions don’t ruin your natural lash. You can fix extensions, but allowing a certified and experienced technician to do the job is better.

Can I shower with lash extensions?

Yes, you can shower with your lash extensions. You should let the semi-permanent glue used in fixing the lashes dry completely before touching it with water.

You Need Lash Extensions for a Stunning Look.

With the right lash extension, you can improve your appearance. The lash extension has various lengths, tints, and curls. 

Although fixing lash extensions is expensive, it is a worthwhile investment if you can afford them.