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Survival Guide for Long Flights to Spain

You’re probably looking forward to stepping off the plane in Spain and enjoying a vacation or business trip. However, there can be some challenges when it comes to long flights that can make your trip less enjoyable. If you’re not prepared for these challenges, they could make your journey unpleasant. There are things to do on your flight & cheap car hiring offers to check, that’ll help to maintain your stress level and to ensure a safe trip from start to finish.


Plan flight early on, compare prices of airlines by checking websites like Skyscanner or similar websites to get the best prices. Check the airline’s website for flight times & schedules. Decide when to arrive & book a flight on time, or earlier. If you’re traveling during peak season or major sporting event, consider extra time for delays or re-routing.

Book your car a week before traveling, compare car hire in Spain to get the best vehicle for your trip depending on your needs like if you’re traveling with a large group you’ll need a larger car etc… In general, the most popular option for visitors is to hire a car Spain. It gives independence to explore & see everything that interests you without restricted timetables or limited routes. If you’re taking children along, arrange child care before leaving home, so they can get some rest while waiting for their connecting flights.

Bring the right travel documents

Passport is essential at all times. As for visa, check your local travel agent, or the country consulate you’re visiting for visa requirements information. Talking about vaccination certificates, ensure to ask your local travel agent for details if they are required & when they need to be received.

What To Do During The Flight

Get Some Rest

First thing to do is try sleeping on the plane. If that doesn’t work, try resting anyway if possible—even if it means sitting up with your eyes closed!

Skip caffeine, alcohol & salty food before the flight.

Dehydration is a common cause of jet lag, so these three things will make it worse. Eat light meals during flight. If you’re stuck in your seat for hours without moving, there’s no need to fill up on heavy foods that will make you feel uncomfortable during take-off & landing.


Stay active during the flight by stretching your limbs, neck and back every hour or so In order to avoid deep vein thrombosis, you should stretch. Stretching will also help you get some much-needed sleep on the flight. It’s easy to become dehydrated on long flights so drink plenty of water before take off and throughout the flight. If you’re feeling tired or uncomfortable it might be worth taking a nap during one of your breaks from stretching – but don’t forget that airline staff may not let anyone sleep through landing! 

Bring a travel pillow

It will help you sleep better. They’re not expensive, and they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes for all kinds of people.

Wear loose

Wearing loose & light layers won’t take much luggage space if you have a layover at another airport after a long flight. It’s often cold on airplanes, but the temperature inside the airport can vary depending on where you are in Spain and a hot summer day in Madrid may be freezing by comparison with Barcelona in October. Bring clothes that are easy to wash, pack and fold if possible; this way they can easily be used again later on your trip without taking up too much room or weight in your luggage.

Best to recline as soon as you get settled, so you don’t disturb the person next to you. If there is a passenger sitting next to you, and they want the window seat more than they want their comfort, then ask them if they would like your seat when they are done with it.

Recline Your Seat

If you’re sitting in an aisle seat, it’s important to know that it’s best to recline as soon as you get settled so you don’t disturb the person next to you. The best thing about being able to recline your seat is that it makes a long flight much easier. You will have more room for your legs and feet, which means less pain in those areas during take off and landing! If you’re sitting on a window seat and want to get up frequently to use the washroom, it can be inconvenient. You have to get up from your seat, walk the aisle and back before returning.


We hope that these tips will help you make it through the long flight to Spain. Planning ahead is very crucial. For a convenient trip, in Spain cars for hire are the best options available for those looking to explore the region. There is a lot to see in Spain and by following the steps mentioned in the article you’ll be sure to experience the best the country has to offer.