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Find the Right Trailer to Fit Your Lifestyle: 6 Essential Tips

With camping being one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities in the United States, millions of people opt to camp in an RV because it tends to be a little more glamorous than tent camping. If you are looking to camp, but you don’t want to sacrifice some of the comforts of home, then finding the right trailer to fit your lifestyle will make your outdoor adventures that much better. 

While you are shopping for trailers, you might get a bit overwhelmed when you realize how many options you have. We have done a bit of research to help you distinguish the differences between the options you have.

Read on to learn more so that you can find the best trailer to fit your lifestyle. 

1. Travel Trailers

These are one of the more common pull-behind trailers because they can be pulled by SUVs and trucks. The vehicle you use to tow the trailer with depends on how heavy the trailer is. For those that don’t have a heavy-duty truck but already have an SUV then you can look for a travel trailer that will be light enough for you to pull. 

Travel trailers do not have their own steering wheel or engine, so there is no need to worry about breaking down while you are driving it. The amenities in travel trailers depend on the model you choose. There are enclosed trailers with living quarters, some come with full-sized kitchen appliances, and there are also more simple options. When you are looking at models, we recommend double-checking that the bathroom and shower are big enough for you to fit in. 

Sometimes the showers in travel trailers tend to be small.

2. Teardrop Campers

If you are a fan of tent camping but want to upgrade where you sleep without driving something too large, a teardrop camper might be the best choice. These are small trailers that have the bare basics.

Normally you just have a bed to sleep in and sometimes a small kitchen area that can be accessed from the back. Keep in mind that with teardrop trailers you won’t have much indoor room to relax (except for your bed). 

If you’re used to tent camping, this will totally upgrade your camping experience because you will have a real mattress to lie on after a full day of adventuring and exploring new things in the great outdoors.

3. Toy Haulers

Campers that love to bring along toys such as motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, etc. toy haulers are the answer. A toy hauler will bring along those toys without trying to double-hitch your toys to the back of your trailer (which happens to be illegal in most states).

Toy haulers have a garage on the back end which is where you can haul these fun toys you want to camp with. A bonus is that when you arrive at your campsite and pull out those toys, you can repurpose the back area as a porch, patio, or extra room. 

4. 5th Wheel Campers

Those that prefer to glamp rather than camp, a 5th wheel might be right up your alley. 5th wheels offer even more room than the largest motorhome because they do not have any space wasted on a cockpit. 

5th wheels are large enough to fit many home luxuries such as full-size kitchens with islands, and bathtubs and they have 6 ft ceilings making them comfortable for tall people as well. Keep in mind that a fifth wheel will require a special hitch and they tend to be on the heavier side. 

You usually have to pull a 5th wheel with a one-ton truck unless you find a lightweight 5th wheel. 

5. Pop-Up Trailers

This is another step up from tent camping and car camping. Pop-up trailers don’t require you to have a large vehicle to pull the trailer with either. They have canvas sides that you pop out when you arrive at your final destination. 

This trailer option is also on the more budget-friendly side. They normally cost less than $10,000 for a brand new one. Depending on the size you choose they usually will have a small bathroom facility a small sitting area and a table. Each side that pops out will typically be a full or queen-size sleeping bed. 

If you want to bring along bikes and kayaks for your adventures, you can carry them on the hard-top area of the pop-up trailer. When you arrive at your final destination, you can enjoy these extra toys to adventure with. 

Pop-up trailers are a perfect option if you are on a budget but still want basic amenities and the luxury to carry your bicycles and kayaks around.

6. Airstream Trailers

If you love the vintage and classic look of the aluminum Airstream, then these travel trailers are a perfect fit. They vary in size from 16 ft to 30+ feet, accommodating every type of adventurer. The smallest 16’ option is meant to be easy to travel with so that you can pack up and go all over the country with ease. 

A bonus about Airstream travel trailers is that you don’t need a special hitch to pull them around and you don’t need a heavy-duty truck to tow with. Airstream is known for making quality trailers that last for decades. There are still Airstreams from the 1930s being used because they use quality products meant to last. 

Feeling Like a Trailer Pro?

Now it is time to go shopping for the perfect trailer for your needs. If renting a recreational vehicle (RV) is an option in your area, then we recommend doing so. This is a great start because you can see whether or not you genuinely like the layout and it will help you make a list of must-haves for your own trailer. 

Once you choose the perfect trailer for your camping trips – make sure you get out there in nature as much as possible and enjoy the great outdoors! 

Before you leave, take a look around the rest of this section for more guides and tips.