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How Can I Look More Intelligent?


Generally, we all want to look like intelligent, confident individuals. But, whether you hold multiple degrees or didn’t finish high school, not all intelligence can relate to scores. Sometimes your life experience and extra-curricular skills will also speak volumes. Alongside this, you may want to consider changing different aspects of your appearance. While this may not directly affect your brainpower, it may make those around you view you differently. These positive changes could also help you to see yourself as a smarter individual too.

brown framed eyeglasses on white printer paper

Many people associate glasses with being book smart. This could be the first change that you make to give an air of intelligence to others. Rather than using contact lenses, you might want to look into frames and prescription glasses online, to help you pick a set that will give the impression you are trying to achieve. These don’t have to be overly expensive. In fact, you may find that there are cheaper frames, in a colour of your choosing, that suit you and your needs. One of the best benefits here can be that you are acquiring an item that can make your life better and easier and that it will also aid you in changing people’s opinions of your intellect. Even those who do not need corrective eyewear may be able to benefit from glasses, simply by ordering frames with non-prescription lenses inside.

Quitting smoking could also help you to look more intelligent. While it was once seen as cool and popular to have a cigarette between your lips, the general consensus may have shifted considerably. Firstly, some might question your level of intellect if you choose to partake in a habit that is toxic to both yourself and others around you. By packing in this habit, you may be able to look smarter to those around you. On top of this, you may come across as far more professional, especially since you will have rid yourself of that lingering tobacco smell.

The way you dress could also be affecting how those around you perceive you. Childish designs, or even trying to look a great deal younger than you are, might make others question your intelligence or even your levels of self-respect. When in a working environment, it could be beneficial to look for a tailored suit to fit your body. Outside of work, you may want to think about the colours and styles that suit you best. Something as simple as showing others that you are fully capable of dressing yourself, rather than just throwing items together, may raise their opinion of you.

Looking intelligent can involve tweaking some of your choices, as well as being responsible for the person that you are. Alongside this, to successfully engage with others, you may want to make sure that your language isn’t offensive, and that you actively listen to those around you. Remember, while the opinions of others may impact your working life, you should always remember that any changes you make to your appearance should be ones that you feel comfortable with.