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How to Easily Update your Home Decor

If you are like me, then you are always looking for ways to update the look of a room in your home. Do you have a room that looks a little dated or tired? Or one that just may need a freshen up? Maybe you’re just a bit bored with the current set up. You can change it up easily without doing a total makeover and spending a lot of money.

The 11 tips below are easy and practical things you can do that will actually make a huge difference in how a room looks, without breaking the bank.

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11 Tips to Easily Update your Home Decor

Seriously small things that can do wonders.

Paint Something

Paint can completely freshen up a room. One of the best ways to change the look of a room is to simply paint something in it. The walls, furniture, accent pieces etc. Paint is easy to use and the cost is minimal compared to the impact it makes! If one of your rooms needs something to freshen it up paint it.

Decorative Pillows

Adding or changing decorative pillows can really transform and brighten up a room. It’s cheap, fun, and a great way to change up your decor. Adding pillows and throw blankets is a great way to add colour and texture, particularly if you change them with the seasons. Taking away heavy, dark pillows and throws that were cozy in the winter and replacing them with light and fresh versions in the summer can lift and freshen a room instantly.

Hang some photos on the walls

Wall art doesn’t have to be expensive and there are plenty of ways in which you can personalize your home with things like framed photos or handmade artwork. So find some photos you like, some simple frames and get creative.

Don’t forget your garden

Add some simple touches to turn your garden into your own oasis. Paint a statement wall, build your own fire pit or add a hammock.

Update your kitchen and bathroom hardware

Another simple and cheap way to change the look of your home is to update the hardware on your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. It’s really cheap and it’s also something you can easily do yourself without any professional help.

If you’re replacing an old toilet, an upflush toilet system rather than a normal water closet can save you money on installation. A behind-the-wall installation with an upflush system eliminates the need to remove your flooring to install a new toilet, saving you time and money.

Add some wallpaper

Add some wallpaper or change the wallpaper you already have to completely update a room. I love these palm tree wallpapers and wall murals, for making a statement.

Change the Lampshades

Lampshades an easy way to give a room a new feel. Try going from white to black, pleated to flat, or plain to patterned. There are so many options available.

Rearrange the Furniture

Without doubt the least expensive way to update a room is rearranging the furnitiure, because it’s totally free! Moving the furniture around gives your room a whole new look and can satisfy your need for change without any cost. If you’re already happy with the furniture layout, try rearranging your accessories and bookshelf displays. You’d be surprised at what a big impact it can have.

Change Your Lighting

Proper lighting can truly bring a room to life. Changing your lighting makes a huge change in any room, both in terms of style and overall lighting. A poorly lit room looks small, dark and cramped, while a brightly lit room appears open, airy and welcoming. There are many ways to brighten up your home with lights. Some of the easier methods are as simple as buying table lamps and floor lamps for your home.

Strategically place a couple tall floor lamps in dark corners and watch your room come alive. Layer this lighting with lamps on side tables, making the room feel welcoming and cozy. You could also replace any out-dated ceiling fixtures for something newer and more modern.

Add some plants

Plants breathe life into any room and add a gorgeous hit of colour. Not only do plants look amazing, they also improve the quality of the air. If your not green fingered then there are amazing artificial plants, you could try that look really realistic.

Add a mirror

Adding a mirror can not only update the decor, but also make your rooms look bigger and more open. Mirrors reflect both natural and artificial light to make a room brighter during the day and night. They bounce light deep into the room, making it appear larger.

Put down a rug

A rug adds structure to a space.  In addition to softening footfall and adding warmth and texture to the floor, a rug helps contain a room and the furniture in it. They also make a room feel more cosy and homey.

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What room in your home needs a little love? Could you use one of these tips to make a huge decor difference! Make a plan and begin changing your home today! I hope you enjoyed this post and found in helpful.

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