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How to Find and Choose Private Japan Tours in 2024

The rich cultural heritage of Japan and the stories of all the beautiful and mesmerizing places you can see there are bound to get you interested in visiting the country. The stunning landscapes and the vibrant cities make the country the perfect destination for those travelers looking for adventures. On the other hand, you can opt for calmer and more peaceful journeys, focused on you getting to know the culture and the history.

Here are some reasons why you should visit Japan: 

Now, if you’ve been thinking about visiting this country for a while, and I am sure you have, there is a chance that you are interested in finally making things happen. In other words, you want to finally make that dream of yours come true. You’re ready to take the trip and you’re ready to be amazed by the country of the rising sun.

So, you’re prepared to take the journey, but here is the thing. You’re not sure how to exactly book the right one for you. To put it simply, you don’t know how to find the right Japan tour in 2024 that will take you on an amazing trip to this country – a trip that will be a sort of a blend of adventure and tranquility. After all, the entire country is a blend of those two things.

The thing you do know is that you would prefer a private tour. Meaning, you want a tour that will be specifically made for you and the people you want to go with you, in case you have companions ready to join you on this adventure. This is quite an appealing option for most people because it allows them to get a tailor made solution and to ultimately explore Japan at their own pace, without having to keep up with the rest of a large group. Go here to read more about why you may want to visit this country this year.

A private tour it is, then! Yet, the question of how you can find and choose the right private Japan tour in 2024 still remains. And, it is a question that I will answer for you below, listing the steps to take and the tips to keep in mind when trying to find and select the perfect tour for yourself.

Start By Defining Your Travel Preferences

We all have different travel preferences, don’t we? While I may like to, say, go on a Japanese cherry blossom tour, you could prefer festival tours or other types of things. In short, what you have to do here is think not only about the destinations you would like to visit, but also the activities you would like to enjoy while in this country. And, of course, think about what your budget can cover as well.

Search Online for Different Travel Agencies

Once you’re done determining your preferences, the next thing to do is start searching for the different travel agencies that could provide you with the tours you’re after. Sure, check with some of the people around to see if they know a few places. But also, search for them online as well, and make sure to type in a specific departure location that would work for you, so that you can find those agencies operating in those areas. For example, if you’re looking for a Japan travel agency in Ontario, remember to let the search engine know that.

Check The Credentials

Before you commit to having a trip organized with any of these agencies, you’ll have to explore them in a bit more details. First off, remember to check the credentials of the agencies and of the guides that will be taking you on those tours to Japan, as that will lead to finding the safest option. Visit the official sites and read the about page, but don’t forget to search for info elsewhere online as well.

Check Experience and Check the Specific Offers

Once you’ve determined that certain agencies in, say, Ontario, are legit, you can proceed to your next task. Checking their level of experience and then the specific types of tours they offer. Choosing an experienced agency will result in you having the perfect experience. And, checking the offered tours will help you find those that align with your preferences.

Go for Those Fully Escorted Japan Tour Packages for the Best Experience

If you really want the perfect experience, and I’m sure you do, here’s what you should do. Go for those fully escorted tours to Japan. This will be the safest option, and the one richest in value. You’ll be taken on an adventure that will be worth every penny, since you’ll get to see so many amazing things and enjoy numerous exciting activities.

Don’t Forget to Read Some Reviews

After you’ve narrowed down your choices to a few agencies, you should take time to read some reviews. Checking other travelers’ comments will certainly be of help. You’ll learn when the best time to visit Japan is (additional info), as well as what you can get from the specific Ontario agencies you are considering. In short, you’ll learn if those agencies are worth your while. And, if they are, make sure to get their contact info so as to start planning the journey.

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Compare the Offers and the Costs

When you have found a few great offers, you’ll just need to compare them. Check the value of each and every one of those. And then, check out the prices as well. Comparing those factors will help you ultimately make the best decision and go on an adventure that you’ll cherish.