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How To Use A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner In Common Home Areas

Your home should always be the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day. However, a messy home often throws a wrench into such plans. Maintaining a clutter-free home can become a challenge if you have professional commitments that keep you busy on most days of the week. However, with an organized cleaning routine in tow, you can ensure a living space you’ll love.

These cleaning routines do not have to be elaborate, but smart. To speed up the process, you should invest in effective cleaning products, cordless vacuum cleaners, and brushes that can easily get into deep corners of your home. Appliances like a cordless vacuum cleaner will ensure you are cleaning every inch efficiently without leaving room for bacteria, dust, or dirt to grow.

Here are some effective ways to use a cordless vacuum cleaner to clean the common areas of your home:

1. Move your furniture beforehand

Cleaning around furniture will only create a hiding spot for dust. Instead, consider moving the furniture so that the space underneath can be cleaned thoroughly.

You do not have to remove furniture from the room entirely. Moving them slightly enough for vacuuming will get the job done. For a better cleaning experience, you can use nozzles to trap dust, hair, and dirt resting behind furniture pieces like couches, TV units, and beds.

2. Clean vertically

The prime benefit of using a cordless vacuum cleaner is freedom of movement. These appliances can be used for cleaning floors as well as curtains and blinds. If you have a smaller and compact hand-held cordless vacuum cleaner, use it to clean top shelves, fans, areas around lighting, and space above the fridge. Your vacuum cleaner can also be used to clean bits of food from the couch or the dining table.

3. Repeat every cleaning movement

Taking it slow and steady is the key to ensuring every aspect of your home gets cleaned with precision. Carpets and rugs, for instance, require more than one round of vacuuming due to their delicate and complex fabric framework. Properly vacuuming a carpet in horizontal and vertical directions pulls dust, dirt, and other irritants from deeper fabric weaves.

4. Use attachments to clean extensively

Attachments add more features to your vacuum cleaner, making it more diverse and useful. Here are some attachment tools that will simplify the cleaning process for high-traffic areas in your home:

  • A crevice tool helps in reaching dark, narrow spaces.
  • The wide and motorized head mattress also helps in cleaning mattresses and upholstery without causing damage to the fabric.
  • A dirt brush can be used to clean stains from high-traffic areas.
  • An extension hose allows for the complete cleaning of cobwebs and high shelves by adding adjustable length.
  • There are also other motorized tools that use suction force to extract deep-rooted stains, dirt, and dust accumulations.

5. Clean pet hair

If you have pets, you must be well aware that despite regular grooming, there’s always the possibility that it will shed. In fact, the spot in the house where they spend most of their time will be where you can find bundles of fur.

A cordless vacuum cleaner is easier to maneuver in such places and can remove fur from their hang-out spot pretty quickly. The vacuum cleaner can also be used to remove dander (dead skin cells) that can potentially contribute to allergic reactions, skin irritation, and respiratory issues among certain pet owners.

Tips to Efficiently Clean With a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner:

  • Wipe the dust from furniture pieces down to the floor to ensure smoother and more effective cleaning.
  • Understand the purpose of individual settings from the user manual before cleaning your home.
  • Check the vacuum storage bag. An empty bag will be able to clean areas around the home more thoroughly than a half or completely-filled bag.
  • Clean at the right setting for maximum efficiency. Use action-specific attachments for best results.
  • Clear any hair or fabric threads stuck on the cleaning brushes or rollers.
  • Be gentle with the vacuum cleaner. Avoid shaking, hitting, or vigorously using it.
  • Avoid using dry cordless vacuum cleaners for wet spot cleaning. This can severely damage the wiring and other parts of the appliance.
  • Do not use the vacuum cleaner for outdoor cleaning. Doing so can severely damage the pipes, dust storage bag, and other parts of the appliance.

Consider a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner For An Impeccable Home

Home should be our ultimate place to relax and recharge ourselves. However, like everything else in life, our homes need care and attention as well. Laying out a cleaning schedule and adhering to it can ensure a pleasurable environment for everyone. 

A cordless vacuum cleaner for this purpose is a worthy investment due to its combined weightless design and optimal performance to ensure that you can clean your home with minimal hassle.