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Sensica Sensilight Mini Laser Hair Permanent Removal Review + Giveaway

For the last eight weeks I have been testing out the Sensica Sensilight Mini a compact hair removal device that you can use at home to permanently remove hair.

The Sensilight Mini allows you to remove hair permanently from the comfort of your own home. Using salon standard technology, the Sensilight mini uses the signature Sensica light-based technology, Reactive Pulsed Light (RPL).

Sensica Sensilight Mini Laser Hair Permanent Removal Review Sensica Sensilight Mini Laser Hair Permanent Removal Review

The Sensilight Mini is really versatile and can be used effectively on your legs and arms, bikini line, underarms, back, and facial hair, too. It takes around 8-12 treatments, depending your hair colour and skin type, to fully remove the hair. Hair grows in three stages and only actively growing hair can be destroyed, so multiple treatments are required to target them all. This is why it’s so convenient to be able to do this at home, rather than go back and forth to so many appointments.

Read on to hear about my experience, at the end of this post you have the chance to win your own Sensica Sensilight Mini!

What hair removal means to me

First I wanted to talk about why Laser Hair Removal was a desirable option and what being hair free means to me. It means no more shaving, waxing, plucking and bleaching. No more thinking ‘I can’t wear that dress tonight because I haven’t’ done my legs’. I love the feeling of having smooth hair free skin, it makes me feel much more body confident.

Benefits of at home Laser Hair Removal

Before I go into my review I just wanted to point out some of the benefits of at home Laser Hair Removal.

  • Better for environment and is a more sustainable option. Less wastage then other methods such as shaving which require razors and shaving cream,
  • Works out cheaper over time
  • At home laser hair removal is much less expensive than getting the treatment at a salon.
  • More convenient then going back and forth for salon treatments

Why I love the Sensica Sensilight Mini

I actually previously tried an at home laser hair removal system a few years ago. However I wasn’t pleased with the experience. It was bulky making it hard to use. It had to be used every week on all desired areas and you had to wait 10 seconds between each flash meaning it was a big time commitment and I was not always able to be consistent with it. Therefore the results were not great. It would also heat up quickly so I would have to select the lowest energy level. You also needed to use a cooling gel.

However the Sensica Sensilight Mini does not have any of these issues:

Easy to Use

All you have to do is shave and clean your skin for the initial use, turn it on, select your energy level and then start your hair removal treatment! It works on your underarms, bikini line, legs, arms & back. After the first treatment you do the next treatment after two weeks and then again after 4 weeks. No cooling gel required.


With 1 flash every 3 seconds it makes the whole process really quick. I found I could treat one leg in around 10 minutes. The Sensica Sensilight mini’s glide mode means there is no need to repeatedly press the button. Use the glide mode on larger surface areas such as your legs to speed up the treatment time. To activate it, simply press the trigger button for 3 consecutive flashes to enable the device.

Safe On Your Skin

It has three heat settings, that you can choose depending on your skin tone. It will also only emit light pulses when in full contact with your skin.

100,000 flashes

The Sensica Sensilight Mini comes with 100,0000 for years of use.

My Results

So I have used the device on my legs, under arms and bikini area. Whilst I am only eight months and four treatments in, I have already noticed a difference. Any regrowth is much finer and lighter. I have noticed the biggest results on my underarm area, where there are some patches of no regrowth at all!

Even though I am getting regrowth and it will take a few more sessions before I am hair free, I noticed the areas I am treating are really smooth. Even more so than shaving, waxing or any other hair removal method I’ve tried.

It’s really easy to use and even on the highest setting I felt no pain at all. I did all of the treatment areas in one go, which does take a lot of time. But I just listened to a Podcast and the time goes by quickly.

If you looking for an easy at home permanent hair removal option, I would recommend checking out the Sensica Hair Removal Range. Enter below for the chance to win your own Sensica Sensilight Mini.

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I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful. When did you start thinking about hair removal and what is your experience with at home hair removal?

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Love Hayley x

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