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Sick of YouTube? 5 unexpected ways your phone can entertain you

By Heidi Edwards

Bored? We’ve all been there. Whether you’re waiting in the car for your friend to snag a coffee, or you’re on your lunch break at work, most of us whip out our phone and turn off our brains. TikTok and YouTube are the common apps we choose to distract ourselves with, but, you could be missing out on more interesting ways to kill time. Here’s five ways, besides YouTube, that your phone can keep you entertained. 


Twitch isn’t just a place to watch gamers stream video games. This live video streaming service offers over 11 million channels with categories like music, how-to instructional content, real-time art creation, Esports, and even “just chatting,” where you do simply that, chatting with the streamer via text. Interactional text is generally available on most of Twitch’s streaming channels, a great way to chat with the streamer and other viewers. 

Besides being interactive, educational, and entertaining, Twitch even hosts charity streams that have raised massive amounts of money, such as with the gaming channel Games Done Quick (GDQ). GDQ has currently raised 45 million dollars for charity. You can be entertained and give back at the same time. If you’re curious, here’s an article about how GDQ donates millions to Doctors Without Borders


9GAG is the internet’s largest online meme community, with millions of users visiting every day. It has countless memes and gifs, ranging from tame to bold, and boasting a constant stream of new content. It’s a fabulous way to stay up on current events, gain exposure to new and trending subjects, and even find specialized niches, all in the form of humor. The best part is you can save content for future use, so you can whip out the perfect meme for any occasion. 

Lady Linda Online Casino

Yes, you can absolutely gamble from your phone, believe it or not. Although it was only established recently, Lady Linda has quickly gained a reputation as one of the top casino sites that are not on GamStop. The platform offers generous bonuses to new joiners and it also features a chic old lady as a main character on the platform, adding to its unique appeal. The platform is also crypto-friendly, allowing users to make deposits using Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. 

Busuu language learning app

What better way to entertain yourself than by learning a new language? This highly rated app has 14 languages available to learn, all from your mobile phone or other device. You study at your own pace and as much or as little as you want to bite off at a time. There’s a study plan, quizzes, and a large community of native speakers to offer you feedback, which is a great way to correct bad habits and learn perfect pronunciation. Levels range from beginner to advanced, so there’s something for everyone. 

Luminosity Brain Training App

If you want to have fun and improve your cognition, Luminosity is a great choice. This app is full of games for your brain, including ones that target memory, problem solving, and processing speed. There is a fresh set of games, daily, to keep things interesting and challenging. What’s more, your progress is tracked so you can analyze and understand your cognitive patterns. Luminosity works with over 40 university researchers across the globe who then use the data and tools from the app to delve deeper into the cognitive sciences. It’s science made fun and it’s great for your brain too! If this sounds like your cup of tea, you’ll probably enjoy these 10 best flashcard apps to improve your memory


Nearly everyone uses their phone to kill time when they’re feeling bored. As enticing as YouTube and TikTok can be, they aren’t the only players in the game. Branch out, take a second to learn something new, like a language. Work on improving your memory, get a little daring with online gambling, or even watch gamers speed run Super Mario Bros 3 so they can donate millions to Doctors Without Borders. There’s a whole wide world of entertainment out there, all from the convenience of your smartphone.