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5 Drinks Infused With Green Dragon Kratom To Try This Summer

Due to global warming, the summer season prevails for a large part of the year. Hence, people search for various products that can help them refill their energy and hydrate the body at regular intervals.

People are always looking for a tasty organic drink that can be consumed daily in the summer. Here come Kratom products, which are entirely organic. New Dawn Kratom green dragon can be of great use as it is moderate in intensity. One can infuse it with different drinks consumed during the summer season. Its other varieties can also be used and can mix with various drinks. We will discuss more below.

A Brief To Kratom Strains

Kratom is an organic product that comes from Kratom plants. Its leaves are broad and dark green. The plant is commonly grown in Thailand and Indonesia. It has different strains based on the geographical location of the plant. The strain type also depends on the color of the veins of the leaves.

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How To Purchase Kratom Powder From Online Kratom Vendors?

Kratom users are increasing. Hence, the options to purchase Kratom products are also increasing. Apart from the offline market, it has also taken place online. Due to the growing popularity of this organic product, many vendors sell Kratom products online.

One should be very careful while selecting the best kratom vendor to buy kratom. There may be certain risks related to the kratom legal laws and regulations of the American Kratom Association that one has to look at while purchasing it online. Also, locally purchased Kratom products can have low quality.

Following are some of the points that one has to keep in mind while purchasing Kratom products-

  1. It is illegal in many states, so people should be very clear about the legalities and restrictions imposed on purchasing quality products such as kratom shots.
  2. Different Kratom strains have varying properties and potency, so they should be bought only according to their needs.
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Different High-Quality Kratom Strains

Following are the various kratom strains available in the kratom market.

Red Vein Kratom Strains

Red Kratom is the most potent and has its name based on the color of the veins of the plant leaves. Red maeng da kratom is one of the trendiest strains sold by several kratom vendors.

Green Vein Kratom Strains

The green Kratom strain is one of the strongest kratom strains. This strain has got its name as the color of the veins of the leaves is green. Its potency is lesser as compared to the red Kratom.

It is available in the form of powder or extracts. Its power is moderate, so one can infuse it in various drinks to get desirable effects.

Green bali kratom and green maeng da kratom are the top green vein strains that top kratom vendors sell.

White Vein Kratom

The white Kratom strain is the least potent. Its cost is also lesser than the red or green strain. Beginners who want to try this product.

White Borneo kratom is considered under the category of high-quality products that many efficient kratom vendors sell.

New Dawn Kratom Green Dragon

New Dawn is one of the best kratom vendors in the kratom industry. New dawn offers users and consumers various products and strains for taking kratom.

New Dawn Green Dragon Kratom is one of the strains of the Dragon family of Kratom strains. Its efficacy and potency are very high. Hence, it is costlier than other strains.

People perceive it as a new variant of Green Maeng da Kratom. Its origin is in Southeast Asia. Dragon is a symbol of power and potency in Asia, and this Kratom strain is also highly potent, so its name is Green Dragon Kratom.

Many New Dawn consumers claim that they have experienced health benefits like pain relief from this New Dawn super speciosa product. But no such claim is supported by New dawn.

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Different Quality Kratom Products From Kratom Vendors Online

The quality of Kratom products varies based on vendors. One can get high-quality Kratom products if the purchase is from a reliable and specialized online vendor. It is available in various forms as Kratom powders or Kratom capsules.

The Kratom leaves are dried and ground with various additives to get the powder with the required granularity and fineness.

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5 Drinks Infused With Green Dragon Kratom To Try This Summer

Summer brings a lot of heat and discomfort for everyone. To fight the heat and to get some relaxation, people look for several ways out. One way to relax is to increase liquid intake as drinks.

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Kratom Tea Having Green Dragon Kratom leaves.

Among all the drinks, tea is one of the drinks that most people like and drink frequently. Several types of tea are available in the market, including Kratom tea, and it varies from region to region and country to country. The essential ingredients of Kratom tea are commonly tea leaves, Green Dragon Kratom powder, and water or milk. Following is the recipe for making Kratom tea:

Put 1½ cups of water into a saucepan and squeeze in the juice of your lemon.

Heat the water and then add in your measured kratom tea powder.

Stir the mixture and allow the water to heat on a low flame for 15 minutes.

Take your saucepan off the gas burner.

Place your strainer on the mug and slowly pour through the kratom tea.

Green kratom powder or leaves can also be additive to the tea to enhance its properties and make it a potential relaxing drink for the summer season.

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Mango Juice with Kratom Extracts

Mango is the king of fruits available in abundance during the summer. One can consume it in the form of slices or juice. Chilled mango juice becomes one of the most soothing delicacies one has during summer.

One can peel off the fruit and cut it into small pieces that can later be crushed and mixed with milk or water and sugar to have an even taste of the mango juice. Kratom extracts can also be added to this mango juice to prepare a chilling drink.

There is the quality of Kratom extracts that one can infuse with mango juice for the summer season. Reliable vendors make high-quality Kratom extracts by boiling Kratom leaves in water. It mixes easily with water-based mango juice.

Kratom Ice Coffee

Although hot drinks help maintain the body’s average temperature, people require instant relief from the heat during the summer. Ice coffee with Kratom might be one of the cold drinks that may help to achieve relaxation. To make Kratom ice coffee, one requires to follow the below procedures-

Three tablespoons of warm water

Two teaspoons of coffee granules

One teaspoon sugar

One cup of ice, or as per the need

Six fluid ounces of cold milk

Some additives can also help enhance the taste of the coffee. Green Dragon kratom powders and liquid extracts can also be added to ice coffee which may produce the necessary effects.

Kratom Orange Juice

Fruit juices can be a great source of energy and hydration in the summer. They help in quenching thirst with a variety of tastes along with nutrients.

A study American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that orange juice can be even more hydrating than water. Just squeeze fresh oranges to extract juice from them.

Green dragon Kratom powder can also be added to the orange juice to enhance its properties and effects. The dry Kratom leaves undergo pulverization to obtain fine Kratom powder.

Due to no added preservatives, the natural properties of the powder remain intact even when put into the orange juice. Kratom powder mixes instantly with orange juice and is easy to carry in the form of small sachets.

Kratom lemonade

Of many heat fighters, lemon-based Kratom drinks are one of the best options. Many lemon drinks are available in the market, especially in the summer. Lemonade has become one of the staple drinks with water during summer. It is straightforward to prepare and energize users quickly.

One has to mix cold water with freshly squeezed lemon juice and add sugar as per the taste. Mint leaves and ice can also be a topping in the lemonade.

Green kratom powder can also be mixed in the drink for its added effects. It mixes perfectly with water and makes your drink pack a powerful punch.

Dosage of Green Dragon Kratom In Your Drinks

As per the study, the United States Food and Drug Administration suggests that heavy metals above normal levels are present after testing more than 25 Kratom products.

Green Dragon Kratom being highly potent, must be blended cautiously to keep it under safe limits. A dosage of more than 4 grams but less than 7 grams may be considered safe with fewer side effects.

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New Dawn- One of the Reliable Kratom brands

Kratom is an organic product becoming famous and available worldwide. Due to its increasing market, various kratom brands are emerging. There is always competition to become the best kratom brand. New Dawn Kratom is a brand based out of Colorado Springs.

It also deals in red kratom, green vein kratom strains, and white vein kratom. New dawn was launched in 2020, and by 2022 it will have more than 33000 orders.

Many kratom users prefer the new dawn for their daily supplies. Kratom vendor like New Dawn has the highest-quality products on the market.

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To conclude, Green Dragon Kratom can be a part of several drinks commonly consumed during summer. The dosage and the vendor of this green Kratom should be chosen mindfully because its alteration may change its effects drastically. Don’t do it in such a way that you become kratom addictive. You must know what is kratom tea good for when drinking it for your daily dose. When you buy it from a Kratom Vendor like New Dawn, make sure you read all FAQs on the site.

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