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Aging Skin Demands the Nourishing Effects of Vitamin E

Time takes its toll on everyone. As we get older, the signs of aging start to manifest in our bodies: creaky joints, sore muscles, sagging skin and more. Our skin bears the heaviest brunt of the aging process, and it’s not uncommon to start developing age spots, fine lines, wrinkles and more in your 40s and 50s.

Where do these age indicators come from? The answer lies inside your body, below the surface of the skin. Free radicals and oxidative stress are what cause spots, lines and wrinkles to form. Fighting back against them is one of the best ways to stave off the noticeable effects of aging.

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Free radicals and oxidative stress

Want to combat the common signs of premature aging? You need to keep free radicals in check. Free radicals are unstable molecules that move through your body, scavenging healthy electrons to bond to. As free radicals pair with healthy cells, they steal their electrons, causing cellular damage and premature cell death.

While this process is natural—and even beneficial at moderate levels—an abundance of free radicals can overwhelm your body’s antioxidant defenses. This is what results in oxidative stress: the process that leads to a breakdown in the DNA of your skin. The result? Visible signs of aging that include the following:

  • Wrinkles. Free radicals harm skin’s smooth, firm structure by damaging collagen and elastin proteins. As these proteins wear down due to oxidative stress, wrinkles and other signs of aging start to develop.
  • Fine lines. Free radicals break down collagen and elastin below the surface of your skin, causing small, shallow lines to appear on the face in specific areas, such as around your eyes and in the creases where your forehead contracts.
  • Loss of elasticity. One of the most common signs of aging is a loss of skin elasticity, causing skin to droop and sag. Free radical damage is directly linked to saggy skin, since it damages the elastin proteins that keep skin firm.
  • Dark spots. Free radical damage can cause unsightly blemishes like age spots and other forms of discoloration. This happens when oxidative stress damages pigment cells, causing them to become overactive.

Your body is exposed to free radicals every day due to stressful factors including environmental pollution, UV exposure, diet and exercise. While it’s healthy to have some free radicals, an overabundance is unhealthy not just for your skin, but for your entire body. Boosting your antioxidant defenses is the best way to keep free radicals in check. 


Antioxidants like Vitamin E can help

Vitamin E is one of the thirteen essential nutrients your body needs for survival. It functions primarily as a powerful antioxidant, helping to neutralize free radicals and prevent oxidative damage from harming cells throughout the body.

As a fat-soluble nutrient, Vitamin E is stored in fat cells and is released whenever the body detects free radicals that are searching for a stable electron to bond to. People get most of their Vitamin E from dietary sources or supplements, and your skin receives benefits from regular consumption of the nutrient.

If you’re looking to improve the appearance and health of your skin and fight the signs of aging, topical products containing Vitamin E specifically nourish skin cells, protecting them from the harmful effects of oxidative stress.


Look for Vitamin E skincare products

There’s simply no avoiding free radicals. There is, however, a way to fight back against them. Topical products like oils and moisturizing creams that contain Vitamin E are highly effective at combating free radical-skin damage like wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots and more.

As you’re searching for the right topical products to soothe your skin and preserve your youthful appearance, pay close attention to products that feature all-natural Vitamin E. In particular, topicals containing a complete Vitamin E mixed tocopherol complex—including all four healthy Vitamin E isomers—have powerful hydrating properties that soothe and rejuvenate your skin. The four isomers synergize to form a protective barrier over the skin, preventing free radical damage and preserving your youthful glow.


Remember, time is undefeated

There’s no cure for aging—at least, not yet. While you can deter the emergence of lines, wrinkles and spots, it’s impossible to prevent your skin from showing your age eventually. When that time comes, embrace it! So long as you continue to nourish your skin and take care of your health, there’s nothing wrong with a few wrinkles. The most important thing is that you love the skin you’re in.