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Create a More Relaxing Bedroom with Carefully Selected Artwork

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Your bedroom is more than just a space to sleep. It is also a sanctuary to relax and unwind after a tiresome day. As such, you need to make this place as soothing and peaceful as possible to get a good night’s sleep. 

One way to achieve a calming bedroom is through artwork. Carefully selected pieces of art can not only bring the right mood to your room but also make it attractive. 

From mixing the right colors to choosing inspirational images, here is how to create a more relaxing bedroom with carefully selected artwork. 

Choose Images that Inspire Relaxation

With all the available options, you may be tempted to pick any image for the bedroom. But before you settle on one piece, consider the subject matter of the art and the emotions it sparks 

Ideally, bedroom images should inspire relaxation and create a restful surrounding conducive to sleep. Some amazing calming images you may want to add to your collection include nature scenes, such as landscapes and seascapes, or pictures of animals like birds and butterflies. 

In addition, you can try hanging images that are personally significant to you. This could be a photo of a place you love or artwork gifted to you by someone of your treasure. The good news is you can find plenty of artwork for sale regardless of what you have in mind. 

Consider the Size of Your Space

Artwork comes in different sizes, which you can choose depending on the size of your bedroom. While large pieces are ideal for making bold statements and creating focal points, they can make a smaller space appear cramped. Conversely, smaller artwork may rarely create a visual interest in a bigger room. 

As a rule of thumb, always ensure your artwork is proportional to the size of your bedroom. For example, it would help to choose pieces at least two-thirds of the width of the furniture they’re displayed above, such as a bed. 

However, if you want a larger artwork for a smaller room, choose something with a neutral color palette. This can help create the illusion of space, making your room feel big.

Choose Calming Colors

Interior designers and artists have long used colors to influence how we feel about our environment. So, the color you choose for your art can significantly affect your bedroom’s sleep, mood, or general vibe. 

Choosing artwork with calming colors can make your bedroom feel safe and calm, enhancing your sleep. Some excellent colors you may want to try for your bedroom’s artwork include blue, green, and soft neutrals. 

Color experts often associate blue and green with relaxation, serenity, and relaxation, which can help relieve the day’s stress. On the other hand, artwork with soft neutral colors like beige and cream is also calming and can pair well with various décor styles.

Place Your Artwork Properly

Hanging artwork is a skill that you shouldn’t ignore. Well-placed art pieces can boost focus and concentration, offering a sense of accomplishment. On the other hand, a poorly hung piece can throw off your bedroom’s entire aesthetic. 

It would help to hang your art at eye level to make it noticeable quickly. That means the center of your artwork should sit about 57 inches from the floor. 

Moreover, you should place your art pieces well in relation to other items in the room. For instance, if you intend to place an image above the bed, ensure you center it per the bed size. 

It is vital to consider your bedroom’s lighting when hanging your artwork. Choose a spot with plenty of natural light to highlight your pieces and create a more vibrant atmosphere. 

Create a Focal Point

When looking for artwork for your bedroom, try getting one piece that will be the focal point. A focal point is a selected area or element in a room that creates visual interest. A focal point could be a large painting or a collection of smaller pieces arranged attractively. 

Additionally, it should also be in a prominent area, such as above your bed, to create a sense of balance and harmony. 

Remember not to create too many focal points, as this may interfere with your bedroom’s overall aesthetic. If you have several pieces of artwork to display, consider regrouping them on a gallery wall.

Try Mixing and Matching Different Styles

Finding the perfect artwork for your bedroom can be challenging. If this is the case, experiment with different styles until you find something that works in your bedroom.

One way of mixing and matching styles in your bedroom is by combining artwork with a common theme. For instance, you might try hanging images of different landscapes together as long as you ensure the pieces have a consistent color that ties them together. 

However, when mixing different styles, consider the scale of your artwork. That means each piece should have enough visual power to stand out in the room. In addition, it would help to avoid overcrowding the spaces with many small pieces, as this can make your room look cluttered.