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How to Choose the Best Dress for You

Finding the perfect dress for any occasion gives a completely different level of satisfaction, though the process can be confusing and difficult. You may already have some ideas, but once you browse the clothing stores and try some on, it just doesn’t give you the joy you seek in a perfect fit. 

With so many brands, styles, colors, and sizes of women’s dresses, it’s only natural that shoppers like you feel overwhelmed. Although having an idea of what to wear can make choosing the best one faster, there are still other things you have to consider.

When buying women’s dresses, you should first consider your body shape. Just like the female body, dresses come in different shapes and sizes. Every body is unique and beautiful, and appreciating and understanding them before dressing them up will help you find the best dress. 

If you are unsure about your body shape, measuring your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips can help identify your type. Here are the five main body types the female bodies have:

1. Hourglass

You may have a body type that resembles an hourglass with larger breasts, hips, thighs, and a sharply defined waist. This body type, which is frequently referred to as curvy, is balanced and symmetrical. Your hips and breast have identical or nearly equal measures if your waist is smaller. It is essential to embrace your curves if you have this body type.

What to Wear:

Choosing clothes that hug your physique to highlight your curves and delicate lines would be best because your body is already symmetrical. To emphasize your top and bottom curves, choose dresses with V-necklines or open necklines and ones that are just a little bit snug around the waist, like nipped waist dresses.

Use the dresses you already own with a belt, ribbon, or other accessories to draw attention to your curved shape if you don’t have any that are a little snug.

What Not to Wear:

Given your full and proportionate physique, you might want to avoid wearing baggy or shapeless gowns that will conceal your shape.

2. Pear or Triangle

If your hips and waist are larger and well-defined, while your breasts and shoulders are smaller and more narrow, you might have a pear or triangle body type. Your body shape is curvier and fuller on the bottom than the athletic body type. If you have this body type, your waist should be the main focus while selecting a dress.

What to Wear:

Dresses that stress your curves are best for this body type. Use garments with an open or V-neckline to convey the guise that you have a large top. Additionally, dresses with frills, ruffles, or other embellishments will add volume and highlight your upper body, balancing it with your curvy bottom.

What Not to Wear:

Avoid wearing tight or fitted dresses that hug your curves and lines to create a balanced upper and lower body. It would be best to avoid baggy or shapeless dresses that seem loose in the bust and tight on the hips, as this may reduce your body proportion.

3. Inverted Triangle

If your top is larger than your bottom, your shoulders are wider than your hips, and your waist is barely illustrated, you may have an inverted triangle body shape.

What to Wear:

Since your shoulders are much wider than your hips, you should wear dresses that enhance and add volume to your lower body. Focus on creating balance and an illusion to make your shoulders narrower. Wear dresses with V-necklines for an elongated top. 

Dresses with ruffles and frills at the lower half should also add more definition around your waist and hips. This will give your figure a more hourglass effect. You might also want to keep your upper half simple, so choose dresses with fewer patterns and layers on top.

What Not to Wear:

Wearing dresses with a spacious or loose-fitting top that will broaden your shoulders and bust is not advised for this body type. Avoid adding more layers to your upper body; instead, it would be best to stress your waist and hips.

4. Apple or Oval

You have an apple or oval body shape if you have a larger bust and fuller midsection, with little to no defined waist. Your upper body is typically heavier than your lower half, meaning you have broader shoulders and a bigger bust line. 

What to Wear:

Since most of the weight gathers around the midsection above the hips, you should wear dresses that take the attention away from that section and accentuate your focal points. You typically have slimmer legs if you have an apple body shape, so show them off by wearing short dresses. 

For a more elongated torso, consider dresses with V-necklines that instantly give you a more balanced look. Full skirts, flowy, and A-line dresses are great options as well. If you don’t have any of these dresses, you can use belts, ribbons, or other accessories to create a more defined waist. 

What Not to Wear:

Avoid dresses with multiple fabrics, horizontal linings, and layering that is overly fitting on top to get a proportional style.

5. Athletic or Rectangle

The athletic, also called the square or rectangle body shape, is defined as having equal or almost equal bust, waist, and hip measurements, hence the name. Unlike those with the hourglass body shape, bodies with athletic figures don’t have a noticeable or well-defined waist. 

They also aren’t as curvy as those with pear body shapes. So if you have an athletic body, you might want to try dresses that create an illusion of an hourglass shape.

What to Wear:

Wear dresses that will add volume and highlight the curves in your body. Consider dresses with ruffles, frills, embellishments, or anything that feels full or loose-fitting. 

If you have an athletic body type with a bigger bust or curvy bottom, you can wear draping dresses and those with U-necklines or V-necklines. You can also go for an empire silhouette style. Wear a belt or tighten the ribbon of your dress around the waist area, or wear cinched waist dresses to show off your curves.

What Not to Wear:

With an athletic body, you should avoid wearing dresses with square or straight necklines. These will not enhance your figure and highlight your curves, making you appear boxy.

Go Confident in the Perfect Dress

Remember that when it comes to finding the perfect dress for any event, the ideal first step is to work with your body shape. However, this doesn’t imply you can’t try on anything you find most flattering. You can wear any dress you like and highlight any body part. After all, you will flaunt the dress to the world, so your opinion should come first. 

Whatever your choice, the most important thing is that you are confident and happy with your style.