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How To Use A Trellis To Make Interesting Shapes In Your Yard

A trellis is a great tool for sprucing up your garden and yard with interesting shapes and patterns. Whether you need more privacy or want to add some visual appeal, using trellises can be an easy way to create a unique look in your outdoor space. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how to use trellises to make interesting shapes in your yard, from intricate designs to simple geometric forms. Read on to learn more about adding interest and structure to your landscape with the help of trellises! 

1. Metal arbors

Metal arbors are a great choice if you’re looking for an easy way to create interesting shapes in your yard. The metal frames come in a variety of configurations and can be used to make wavy lines or intricate geometric designs. They look especially impressive when covered with climbing vines, which will add some greenery and color to the design as well. If you’re feeling creative, you can even use metal arbors to create small bridges over pathways or ponds! Also, an arbor can be the perfect addition to a garden party, by adding an extra layer of ambiance and charm. It can visually separate guests from other areas of the garden and make it easier to navigate.

2. Wooden trellises

If you’re looking for a more natural look, wooden trellises may be the perfect option for you. Wooden trellises are just as versatile as metal arbors and can also be used to create interesting shapes in your yard. They can range from classic lattices to intricate designs that take advantage of curves and angles. Wooden trellises look great when left unpainted or stained to bring out the natural beauty of the wood grain. You can even add lights around the frame for an extra bit of ambiance at night! In addition, wooden trellises can be used to create an outdoor living space and provide shade during the summer months.

3. Pergolas 

Pergolas are a great way to create an outdoor living space with plenty of interest and visual appeal. Pergolas have an open-air structure that provides lots of space for climbing vines and plants, which can be trained to climb up the top of the pergola and create a canopy-like effect. If you don’t have a lot of space in your yard, you can use arbors or trellises on either side of a pergola to make it look larger. Pergolas also provide shade and can make an outdoor living area much more comfortable during hot summer days.

4. Walls of trellis

If you have a larger space, you may want to consider building a wall of trellises. This is a great way to create a visual boundary while still allowing some light and air to pass through. You can even use different shapes, sizes, and styles of trellises to create interesting patterns or designs on the wall. Additionally, using taller trellises along the top of the wall will add extra privacy and make the area feel more sheltered. Some people even choose to cover the trellises with climbing vines or plants for a lush, tropical look.

5. Living walls

Living walls are becoming increasingly popular in the gardening world and can be a great way to add some visual interest to your yard. A living wall is a trellis covered with growing plants, usually held together by a frame or mesh netting. The combination of green foliage and interesting shapes makes for an eye-catching look that can transform any outdoor space. Living walls are perfect if you’re looking to bring a little bit of nature into your backyard!

6. Creative structures

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to making interesting shapes with trellises. You can create custom designs or use kits that come in a variety of sizes, textures, and colors. For example, you could make a circular structure by connecting several trellises and then filling in the gaps with climbing vines. Or if you’re feeling creative, you could even make an archway or tunnel using different sizes of trellises! 

Can anyone make their garden look good? 

Absolutely! With a little bit of creativity and some strategic use of trellises, anyone can make their garden look beautiful. There are many different types of trellises to choose from, including metal arbors, wooden trellises, pergolas, and living walls. Each one offers unique benefits that can help bring your garden to life in interesting ways. You can use trellises to create a backdrop or partition, provide shade and structure, or even create creative shapes and living walls. With the right combination of materials and design, you can make your garden look amazing!

No matter what kind of shape you decide to make with your trellis, the result will be sure to add some interest and beauty to your outdoor space. With just a little bit of planning and DIY spirit, you can turn your yard into an oasis of greenery and charm. So take some time to explore the possibilities, and create something truly unique!