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Things to do in and around London that will boost your mood

London Bridge

London is among the most popular cities in the world for tourists. It’s earned a bit of an undeserved reputation as an indifferent, depressing place. But that’s only true of certain parts of the city, and there are plenty of ways to perk up your spirits. Let’s take a look at a few of them!

A walk in the Park

There are few more reliable ways of boosting your mood than with the help of physical exercise. And you don’t need to overexert yourself to feel the benefits. Just a short walk through one of the capital’s many parks may provide just the required lift. Physical activity is just about the most powerful antidote for depression that it’s possible to find, so don’t neglect it!

Visit a Museum

Providing your brain with a little bit of stimulation is a great antidote for depression. This might sound a little bit on the vague side, but (happily) there’s a museum in London designed to address these matters more directly: The Museum of Happiness. The museum, located five minutes from Camden Tube Station, was founded by a mindfulness expert, and it’s full of practical tips on how to combat glumness.


It’s a little difficult to stand out as a nightclub in London. One approach is to incorporate a few games. At ‘Bounce’ in Shoreditch, they’ve gone for ping-pong. There are seventeen tables to play at, all dressed up in luminescent street-art. You’ll be able to pick up drinks and a bite to eat at the same time, making this a complete evening for a few friends. You can reach the place easily, too; trains to Old Street run regularly from across the city.

Comedy Circuit

There’s no shortage of smaller comedy venues in the capital, all looking to put smiles on the faces of punters. Your venue of choice will depend to a great extent on your personal taste: there are larger ones like the Hammersmith Apollo, as well as smaller, more niche venues like Comedy Unleashed in Bethnal Green.


Another fantastic form of exercise, which doubles as a form of meditation, is Yoga. This is another practice that’s rife throughout the capital, and you’ll find an instructor every few square miles. Interestingly, there are many strange variants of Yoga, too, including classes designed for household pets, as well as people.