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7 Tips To Stay Positive and Keep Happy

As cliché as it sounds, life is like riding a roller coaster. Even when you’re at the top of your game, you can suddenly hit rock bottom. Victorious and joyous moments make you feel humbled, lucky, and euphoric. However, there are moments when you question your actions, intentions, and purpose in life.  

People must normalize having mental breakdowns and physical burnouts. It’s only too much as one can take, as they say. When you’re stressed and anxious, you must’ve experienced twists and turns in your stomach. Take a deep breath and keep in mind – ‘This too shall pass.’  

The modern world has paved the way and created solutions to address your energy-draining dilemma. Daily problems and challenges are overwhelming and mess up your moods- a healthy brain guarantees a positive mindset despite the ups and downs in life.  

To help you, here are the seven tips to stay positive and keep happy.

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  1. Keep Your Brain Healthy

As we age or experience stress, our attention, focus, and memory are compromised. A negative attitude, headaches, and an exhausted mind can alter the brain chemically and physically. The hormones serotonin and dopamine play vital roles in keeping you alert, calm, enthusiastic, focused, motivated, and optimistic. 

Nootropics or ‘smart drugs’ are supplements that enhance cognitive function and promote overall brain health. Boosting your brain performance will help you keep motivated and prevent anxiety and depression. And with that, you can discover the best nootropics for mood here. Keep your brain healthy so you can face the highs and lows of life with joy and optimism. Residents of New Jersey often struggle with migraines making their lifestyle and productivity suffer. This is why finding people specializing in headache treatment in NJ can be a game changer to improve your mental health and overall well-being.

Keep your brain healthy so you can face the highs and lows of life with joy and optimism.   

  1. Meditate At The End of the Day

Meditation dates back to the old golden days when our ancestors meditated to calm themselves from chaos and help them think of ways to survive. Research shows that it’s one of the keys to living long years. It can help combat asthma, chronic pain, depression, insomnia, and migraine.   

You isolate yourself from the noise, electrical gadgets, and busy surroundings. Put on comfortable clothes and go to a serene area of your home. Meditation promotes self-awareness and makes you control your emotions – may it be anger, hatred, frustration, or self-pity. Make yourself at peace and accept that life’s unpredictable and some things are uncontrollable.   

Reflect on your thoughts – bad or good, and think about how you reacted and handled stressful situations. Come to terms with yourself that it’s okay to feel sad or mad; you can improve yourself next time.   


  1. Practice Deep Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing is also called abdominal breathing. You inhale and exhale deeply and slowly through the nose. You’ll observe how your stomach inflates as the lungs are filled with air. Practice deep breathing exercises in clean surroundings such as your room, garden, terrace, or patio to guarantee clean and toxin-free air. 

Oxygen is good for the body, from the cellular level, tissues, and bones, to different body organs. Your brain receives fresh and clean oxygen, helping neurons transmit electrical signals, stimulate hormones, and increase blood supply.    

This technique impacts the whole body by regulating your heart and breathing rates. It effectively lowers your blood pressure and lessens the occurrence of anxiety and depression.  

  1. Use Healing Crystals and Gems

Healing crystals and gems are believed to have the power to counteract bad energies from different stressors around you. They give off vibrations that can calm the mind, heart, and body. You can keep them on the bedside table and use them as a necklace or bracelet. 

Some crystals and gems can also treat anxiety, depression, and sleeping problems. They come in many variations, colors, and sizes. However, there are no further certain scientific facts to confirm the use of crystals and gems. 

  1. Seek Medical Consultation

Seek medical consultation from your primary physician or psychiatrist. You can have your regular check-up to monitor your overall health. Having peace of mind that you’re physically healthy can make you stay positive and keep being happy.  

Ask for medical advice on boosting your brain and energizing your body for your daily work and routine. You may be prescribed to take multivitamins to give your supplemental body nutrients to combat and prevent anxiety, depression, stress, and sleeping problems.  For instance, a lack of fluids in the body can make you feel sleepy and tired. For this, medical professionals often prescribe IV hydration therapy that helps get your levels back in balance to make you feel more energized and refreshed. If you’re looking for this treatment, find a provider of IV hydration therapy near me.

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  1. Stay Active 

Nowadays, it seems people have no time to exercise daily. Scrolling through various social media platforms can take 30 minutes to hours; use this time wisely and be active. Staying active doesn’t mean going to the gym. You can practice yoga, run on the treadmill, use skip rope, or jog around your house.  

When you move your body and sweat, the hormones anandamide and dopamine increase. They are linked to keeping your mind and body focused, motivated, and optimistic. Exercise promotes overall health, making your mind sharper and your body stronger.  

  1. Be Surrounded with ‘Your’ People

Everyone who loves you always thinks about your welfare. Keep your partner, spouse, children, parents, siblings, and friends close. They will give the warmest hugs and brightest smiles to keep you determined and motivated in life in hardships and challenges.   

Make A Difference

Life will always be ironic, and it’s only normal to experience the highs and lows. These experiences molded the person you are today – flawed but wiser and better. Don’t let the bumps and turns take away your optimism and enthusiasm.  

Take nootropics, meditate, practice deep breathing, use healing crystals and gems, ask for medical advice, stay active, and be surrounded by your loved ones – ‘self-care’ is everything.