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All Travel is for Wellness

In the last few years, the conversation around travel has flashed images of tense health scares, long lines, screening, and outrageous pre-flight documentation. When I think of travel now, I get a light floating feeling of excitement again. Do not wait to get locked down to desire travel. Book it now and book foreign. Most of us have been stuck traveling around our own country long enough.

All travel is for the wellness of your mental state, family, hobbies, business, or relationships. There is a top-tier list of things that should be at the forefront of life concerns. Providing wellness to them all can happen during one vacation or focused on one trip at a time. The latter sounds like more fun.

How about a little dream building or seed planting for a girl-gang vacation? Similar lists and more details about destinations are in your favourite magazines like New Idea, Womens Weekly, Cosmo, and Glamour. Here is a list of ladies-circle friendly vacation spots;

  • Close your eyes and think of New Zealand. Your mind won’t create beauty close to the reality waiting for you there. Plan around Cathedral Cove, Lake Tekapo, or any national park to fill your photo gallery with natural beauty. Christchurch is your art and heritage destination. Shop on the last couple of days of your trip. You won’t have to carry it around. This is a more natural adventurous destination. 
  • Indonesia is loaded with cultural experiences and an excellent destination for estrogen adventures. The cuisine variety, quality of ingredients, and patient development of flavour combinations will never be forgotten. Home to 17,000 islands; I am sure your perfect beach combination exists here. I would plan on shipping the fabric you will fall in love with back to Australia.
  • Another consistent favourite for sister sojourns is Iceland. This country has become synonymous with safety for women’s travel. Breathtaking environmental sites and experiences are awaiting you here. Pack accordingly or plan to find appropriate outerwear while shopping in Reykjavik on Laugavegur Street.
  • On my list is Portugal. Cool and sunny is a great environment for me and the vineyards. Coincidence? I think not. Fantastic feminine families are lining up to get here for summer. Book a BNB in a cobblestone village and enjoy the local hospitality.
  • When we need to, we can shop anywhere, any time. Singapore has to be the preeminent bag-filling port of call. It is a vibrant, clean, friendly international city. The designer brand stores, boutiques, and regional markets are a great way to mimosa-crawl through this metropolis. Shop, rest, repeat. There is no shortage of excellent quality world cuisines to sustain you.

We cannot always get all our girls on the same page. Do not let this stop you from experiencing this life and travel. Spend some time researching travel companion sites. Travel Buddies, GAFEL, or “Thelma and Louise” are companies that pair travellers using secure background checks.  They will connect you before your trip. You can chat, plan, and feel safe with everything. 

Solo travel can sound dangerous, and group travel is too rigid. I hope you can plan with friends, find a great balance, and deepen the experience for everyone.