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Benefits of Taking a Probiotic?

Benefits Of Taking A Probiotic?

Thank you to Probiogen for sponsoring this blog post. As always, opinions are all my own.

Have you ever heard of the gut being referred to as our second brain? The two have so many similarities – including there being as many nerves in our gut as there are in our spinal cord. There is even a field of study called enteric neuroscience which is neuroscience of the intestines!

The size and complexity of our gut is crazy! Our intestines are around 30 feet long! It’s also home to lots of good bacteria which happens to be the densest concentration of microbes found anywhere on Earth! These good bacteria are called probiotics. 

There has been decent hype around probiotics in recent years. So today, we are talking about probiotics and whether you should be taking one. Specifically, we are talking about Probiogen probiotics my favourite probiotics brand.

What are the benefits of taking a daily probiotic?

Probiotics are amazing for us. Taking a probiotic  supplement helps you maintain your digestive balance by strengthening your system with healthy bacteria. The good bacteria probiotics puts into our systems are essential for many vital body functions and the health of our digestion.

Some benefits include:

1. A good probiotic can help balance the friendly bacteria in your digestive system

2. Can help boost your immune system. With more than 70% of the immune system located in the gut, immune health is another great benefit probiotic supplements

3. Reduces gas & bloating 

4. Improve digestive functioning 

5. Can improve mental health. Studies have show a probiotic can reduce depression and anxiety

6.  A lot of people for more energised when gut health is addressed

Doesn’t our digestion work fine on its own?

Our digestion can easily be disrupted. Things such as diet, stress, travel and lifestyle changes can all have a negative impact. 

Some other things that can cause our bacteria to get out of balance are the use of antibiotics eating greasy/unhealthy foods, constipation, not eating enough, eating too much, and certain medications.

Once the gut flora is imbalanced, digestion issues can arise and existing ones can get worse. This is where a probiotic can be beneficial in helping you maintain a balanced digestion.

benefits of taking a probiotic

No! A probiotic begin to work once they’ve arrived in your gut. Unfortunately, most probiotic supplements are dead on the shelves and those that aren’t will die when they reach harsh acidic environment of the stomach. Dead probiotics offer no benefits, but that is largely what you will find on the market.

Probiogen provides true, living spore probiotics where you need them most for a difference you can feel. The strains contained  in Probiogen have a clinically proven 99% survival rate in the gut, which is 100x better than leading brands and yogurt, who use inferior strains.

Probiogen DNA verify every strain in every batch, ensuring what we claim on our label is actually in our product. Scarily enough, that’s not required in the industry and almost no one is doing this testing! Studies show that the vast majority of products tested do not meet the label claim, meaning that what the companies claim on the label as the strains in the product are not actually the strains found in the capsules.

One of the things I love most about probiogen is that they offer tailored probiotics for specific health needs. They have formulas for men and women, as well as support for healthy mood, immunity, and a healthy weight. 

Probiogen offer eight different products. I have been testing out four of them:

Probiogen Mega Smoothie Booster

One scoop of Mega Smoothie Booster Powder contains provides 100% recommended daily value of 15 vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12 and more. As well as a dose of probiotics. I loved using this as it’s so easily to mix into smoothies and is completely tasteless.

Probiogen Stress and Mood Balance 

This probiotic supplement also contains natural herbs and minerals that can help enhance your mood.

Probiogen Daily Digestive Balance

If your digestion needs a boost, then this is the one for you. This is the highest potency spore and yeast acid stable probiotic available on the market today. 

Probiogen Womens Vitality Probiotic

This supplement provides you with all the benefits of a probiotic, with added nutrients that help support women’s health. 

Results after taking a probiotic

It takes a few weeks to allow probiotics work before you will feel the benefits. I have been implementing probiogen probiotics into my routine for the last couple of weeks and I have not had any bloating or digestive issues! 

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Love Hayley x

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