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12 Dried Flowers Decor Ideas & Creative Uses

Dried flowers add natural beauty to your home all through the year. This type of décor was quite popular during Victorian times but is making a big comeback now as an alternative to freshly plucked flowers. Although fresh bouquets bring life to your space, their lifespan is limited.

However, dried flowers will decorate your home for months on end until you get bored and replace them. There are numerous ways to display dried flowers in your home, they include:

Gallery Wall

If you would rather display pressed dried flowers, create a gallery wall of framed pressed flowers. Before hanging them on the wall, you should arrange the frames on the floor to come up with an interesting layout for your wall. This allows you to move the pressed flowers around until you find a layout that works best for your space. The ultimate goal is to end up with a relaxing room with plenty of space for furniture and artwork to coexist. You can experiment and come up with dried flower decor ideas that will make your home more comfortable and pleasant to the eyes.

Hanging Wreaths

Wreaths are wonderful and bring cheer to a plain wall. To make a wreath, start with a grapevine wreath then arrange flowers and stems on it. You can use bunny tails, oats, helichrysum and any other flowers that you have at your disposal. Contact your local dried flower delivery service provider for variety.

Start by laying the first assortment of flowers at the base of the wreath with the stems facing down. Use a florist wire to hold them in place. Repeat this step until all your flowers are on the wreath.

Make a Napkin Ring

A napkin ring adds the perfect ornament to your dining table set up. To create it, take covered florist wire and wind it in a circle several times to make the base of your ring. Wind the wire onto itself around this ring to secure the structure. Then take a posy of flowers and snip off long stems.

Place the dried flowers along the edge of the ring and secure them in place with covered wire. Cut off any loose wires for a neat finish.

Flower Candles

Dried flower candles add a unique touch to any space. The dry flower petals added to a candle provide a burst of color, making it very aesthetically pleasing. This candle would make a great centerpiece for your coffee table. Not only does it add beauty to your home but it also makes impressive and sentimental gifts to give your family and friends.

Display in a Dome

The best way to preserve your dried flowers is by displaying them in a dome. Measure the flowers against the size of your dome and make sure to leave a few inches of space at the top. Opt for flowers that contrast each other for an eye-catching look. For the base, wrap raffia around a dry piece of oasis then stick it on the dome using double-sided tape.

Arrange your flowers onto the base by pushing the tallest ones into the center of the oasis. Place the shorter stems on the edges of the oasis block.

Fill Mason Jars

Mason jars and produce pots make lovely holders for dried flowers. Use different flowers for variety and texture. Add in stems of dried flowers starting with the taller ones in the middle. Use two or three of the same flower stems to give a rounded feel. Tie the posy off with florist wire and snip at the ends to give it shape.

Decorative Mantelpiece

A dried flower arrangement can be put on the mantel to turn the fireplace into a focal point. Choose a number of different colored flowers with varying textures for your mantel. A great flower combination for fall would include honesty, ferns, sculptural twigs, and ruscus due to the emphasis on soft tones.

Display in Vintage Jugs

If your overall home décor is filled with antiques, use vintage jugs to display dried flowers. Vintage displays allow you to create an eccentric display that will look lovely on your coffee table or mantelpiece. Sculptural grasses, colorful strawflowers and honesty would look good in a colorful vintage jug and sitting against a dark backdrop. When using dried flower décor, put them away from direct sunlight to prevent their colors from fading.

Decorate a Mirror

Dried flowers would add a feminine touch to a dressing mirror. Such a display combines faded classic glamor and luxury with the textural and vibrant feel of flowers. To create this particular adornment, you can use strawflowers, lady’s mantle, foraged birch, honesty, and bracken. To add a pop of color, use acid yellow Billy buttons.

Display Dry Fragrant Flowers

If you want to dry your own flowers, you can make a scented display by tying them to a wreath. Cut flowers into groups and tie them off with twine then secure them on a wreath, equidistant to one another. To make sure that they dry properly, tie five to 10 stems together, any more and they might rot instead of drying.

Display Solo Stems

You don’t need to display a large bouquet of flowers to decorate properly. You can try decorating with a single large sculptural stem of hogweed to see how you like it. Alternatively, you can display individual stems in a number of salvaged jars and bottles at the center of your table or along the mantle.

Create a Table Centerpiece

A dried flower garland is a fabulous addition to your table décor. Use a combination of statice, rose buds, poppy heads, oat stems, bunny tails, and eucalyptus. Cut all the flowers to the same length and group similar flowers together before tying them off with florist wire. Take a wire and garland then push the groups of flowers into the garland and secure with the florist wire.

Build up this arrangement gradually with flowers and mix well for fullness. Hide the wire by pushing flowers the opposite way.


As you can see there are numerous ways to decorate with dried flowers. You can adorn a mirror, display single stems or create a centerpiece for your table.