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4 High-End Fashion Trends To Follow This Summer

As the summer months draw near, many women begin to focus on purchasing new items for their wardrobes that they can wear outside in warmer weather. Swimming and hanging out at the beach are two popular activities that people enjoy during the summer, so this season generally brings an uptick in interest in bikinis and other swimwear. Regardless of one’s preferred summertime activities, here are four high-end fashion trends to follow this summer.

1. Wide-Legged Denim

The great thing about jeans is that they come in many cuts and styles, such as bootcut, skinny, flared and many others. Wide-legged jeans were popular back in the 1990s, and they are making a comeback today. Fortunately, this style of denim pairs well with many different tops and shoes. For example, wearers can go casual by wearing flats and a tighter t-shirt to contrast with the looseness of the pants, or wearers can elevate the look by wearing heels and a button-down shirt. One reason why some people like this cut of jeans is that they make them appear taller.

2. Lingerie-Inspired Swimwear

When most people think of lingerie, they think of something that someone might wear to bed after a romantic evening out on the town. However, this look has made its way onto the beach scene in the form of lingerie-inspired swimsuits, bikinis and more. For example, a white bikini can evoke the look of lingerie with ribbon and lace accents throughout the piece. Lingerie-inspired bikinis are the perfect thing for someone to wear when lounging on the beach or going for a swim in the pool on a hot summer’s evening.

3. Sheer Fabrics

Sheer materials are transparent, allowing people to see the skin underneath. This summer, clothing items such as shirts and scarves made of sheer fabrics are all the rage. This is an ideal trend for the warmer months since sheer clothing allows for more air to flow to the body, keeping the wearer cool. In keeping with the lingerie-inspired swimwear trend, many people choose to wear a higher-end bra or lacy swimwear top underneath their transparent shirts. Sheer clothing is popular for casual occasions, but people can choose to make the look fancier by pairing their sheer pieces with other elegant items.

4. Athletic Swimsuits

Most people wear lingerie-inspired swimsuits mainly because of how they look; however, people opt for athletic pieces for the way that they function. Athletic swimwear is fashioned in a way that allows the wearer to engage in watersports such as surfing, wakeboarding and playing water polo without having to think about the possibility of a piece of clothing coming off or undone. People who swim competitively can also benefit from this trend, but one does not have to be an athlete in order to wear this style of swimwear.

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