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How to choose the best accessories for summer

With a few tasteful choices, you can add flair to each of your summertime outfits. Whether you prefer to buy floral dresses or mix and match from a capsule wardrobe, it’s important to know how to choose the best accessories for the season. 

With last year’s summer being one of the hottest since records began, keeping cool is the way to go. Along with your clothes, accessories could help you to keep comfortably stylish too.

Invest in shoes 

Whether it’s sandals or lighter trainers, quality footwear is crucial in the summer months. You’ll be much more likely to be active and on the move during the day – and it’s easy for your feet to get uncomfortable in warmer temperatures.

If you’d like something breezy, open sandals or wedge heels could do just the trick. Strappy sandals look pretty, but they might not be as practical for longer days. Shoes are the most important part of an outfit – and they’re usually one of the first things other people notice. 

Regular care is essential for summertime shoes. You can keep them in good condition throughout summer by cleaning them after each use and using specialist shoe treatment products.

Freshen up your jewellery

You might’ve been wearing long, heavy pendants over winter, but keeping your jewellery light is key to creating a clean, understated outfit. When it comes to summer jewellery, opt instead for dainty necklaces and bracelets, preferably those without excessive beads or decoration. 

If you’re looking for something minimal to wear for any occasion, diamond earrings go with every outfit and exude timeless elegance, especially when they glisten in the sunshine. 

Don’t forget to invest in quality. Cheaper jewellery could flake and fade in the sunshine – and it’s much more likely to irritate your skin. 

Wear sun protection

Keeping your skin protected against harmful UV rays should always be a priority when you’re dressing for warm weather. From wide-brimmed sunhats to sunglasses and a light scarf, there are several ways to guarantee sufficient sun protection for your skin.

Sun protection doesn’t need to feel bulky or unfashionable either. 

If you’re having an active day, even something as simple as a cap could keep the direct sunlight away from your face. Alternatively, you could look at some of the best foundations for summer – many of which come with invisible SPF to protect your skin.

Keep it cool

Keep cool during the heat of the day by choosing outfits with lighter fabrics and colours. Maxi skirts and long, wide-leg trousers could help promote airflow around your body, offering immense relief from the heat. 

If you’re prone to feeling overwhelmed by the heat, a light shawl could help to keep your skin out of the sun. Extra layers might seem counterintuitive, but if they’re made from light, natural cotton, they could help you to feel much more comfortable.


Cool, loose-fitting garments are most suitable for summer. 

But when it comes to accessorising beautifully, you should never forget the jewellery. Try to update your earrings and necklaces along with your wardrobe to make the most of seasonal style – because it might be winter again sooner than you’d expect!