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The Definitive Ranking Of WSOP Poker Hands: Which Ones To Play And Which Ones To Fold

If you’re serious about winning at the World Series of Poker (WSOP), you should familiarize yourself with the definitive poker hands ranking. The best way to make money at the wsop is by playing smarter, not harder. Knowing what cards to play and when is essential for success, so it pays to know your stuff! That means understanding which hands are worth playing with and which ones you should fold.

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At the WSOP, each card is ranked according to its numerical value, from 2 being the lowest to Ace being the highest. The standard five-card poker hand rankings are used here: High Card, One Pair, Two Pairs, Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Four of a Kind, Straight Flush, and Royal Flush.

The best way to know what the rankings mean at the wsop game is to practice! Just make sure that when it comes to playing for real money, you stick with the hands that offer the best odds of winning. That way, you’ll be able to maximize your profits and have a much better chance at success.

Here is a definitive ranking of poker hands ranking the WSOP, from top to bottom.

Royal Flush

This is the highest hand possible, consisting of an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 cards in the same suit. These are incredibly rare, but when you get one, it pays off big!

Straight Flush

This is a Royal Flush with any five consecutive cards that are suited, for example, 7-8-9-10-J clubs. If another player also has a Straight Flush, the winner is determined by who has the highest card in their sequence.

Four of a Kind

As the name implies, four cards have the same numerical value (e.g., 4-4-4-4), with the fifth card being of any importance.

Full House

It consists of three cards of the same numerical value and two more cards that are different but have a matching numerical value. An example would be 6-6-6-J-J.


This is any five cards in the same suit, for instance, 10-Q-3-7-8 clubs. If multiple people have a Flush, the winner is determined by who has the highest card in their combination.

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This is five consecutive cards from suits, like 4-5-6 spades, 10 hearts, and J diamonds. When two players have Straights, the winner is determined by who has the highest card in their sequence.

Three of a Kind

This consists of three cards with matching numerical values (e.g., 7-7-7) and two different cards. It pays less than a full house but is still worth playing if you get it!

Two Pairs

As the name implies, this is two pairs of cards with matching numerical values (i.e., 9-9 – A-A) plus one extra card that’s not part of any pair.

One Pair

This is when you have two cards with matching numerical values (e.g., K-K) plus three more cards that don’t match.

High Card

This is five cards where none match, like A-7-6-3-2, and it’s the lowest-ranking poker hand. It pays off less than any other hand, but it can be worth playing if you get a high-card Ace!

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Last Thoughts

By understanding the definitive hand ranking of wsop poker and playing your cards wisely, you have a much greater chance of finding success at the World Series of Poker. Now that you know the definitive ranking of WSOP poker hands, you can make smarter decisions when deciding which ones to play and which to fold.

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