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10 Ways to set up your Kitchen for Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is made so much easier when you have the right set up.  A crazy kitchen can make healthy eating much more difficult. You can set up your kitchen to be a temptation-free haven and a happy place to prep your food.

Here are some tips to set up your kitchen to help you create new habits and stick to them.

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1. Keep It Tidy!

A clean, tidy and clutter free kitchen definitely inspires me to spend more time cooking and preparing healthy food. Studies have shown that a tidy kitchen can support healthy eating habits by reducing the stress that drives us to make unhealthy choices. Declutter your counter tops and so you have lots of space to prepare your foods. See if you can find room to store anything you do not use daily in your cupboards.

Cupboards and drawers are amazing when it comes to keeping things out of sight and to declutter your kitchen counters. Keep them organised and tidy so you know where everything is and you can see all that you have.

2. Keep fresh herbs and spices handy.

Herbs make food so much more flavourful, which will help you cut down on less healthy choices like salt, butter and processed sauces. Keep your herbs and spices organised, when they’re easy to find, you’re more likely to use them in place of premade sauces.


3. Organise the fridge.

Your fridge is one of the most important parts of the kitchen to keep organised. Take everything out, give it a good clean and organise everything in a way that is most convenient to you, keeping your go-to items easily accessible.

4. Do a weekly food prep

Recipe to Try: Chocolate Protein Muffins

Stock your fridge with lots of healthy food that you can easily grab. I like to make a weekly batch of healthy treats such as brownies, mini chia puddings or muffins. Then when I have a craving for something sweet, I have something I can quickly grab. I also like to chop up vegetables and fruit to save me time during the week. When I open my fridge and see colourful fruits and vegetables that I’ve already washed and chopped, it’s easy to grab some carrot sticks or have a portion of melon etc.

5. Buy a fruit bowl.

Purchase a cute bowl to leave on your counter and fill it with your favourite fresh fruit! This is such an easy thing to do but can be so effective in adding healthier food into your day. When we’re hungry and on the go we often reach for something convenient and within reach. You’ll be more likely to stop at your counter for a healthy snack instead of rummaging through your cabinet for an unhealthy treat. 

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