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117 Best Mickey Mouse Quotes

best mickey mouse quotes

Alright folks, brace yourselves for the ultimate Mickey Mouse extravaganza! This iconic cartoon character, courtesy of the one and only Walt Disney, has managed to steal the hearts of millions of people across the globe.

With his charming personality, contagious laughter, and a positive attitude towards life, Mickey Mouse has become the absolute embodiment of joy, friendship, and limitless imagination.

So, let’s dig deep into the enchanting world of Mickey Mouse, where we’ve lined up a whopping 117 quotes that truly capture the essence of this timeless character. Get ready to be swept away!

The Creation of Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse came into existence way back in 1928 when Walt Disney, along with his buddy Ub Iwerks, introduced this adorable troublemaker to the world. Mickey’s birth shook up the animation game and set the stage for Walt Disney Company’s triumph. Sporting his signature round ears, red shorts, and that distinctive high-pitched voice, Mickey took the world by storm in no time.

best mickey mouse quotes

Best Mickey Mouse Quotes

Meeting Mickey Mouse with his iconic red shorts and white gloves is one of the best parts of Disney world. There used to be a talking Walt Disney World Mickey where you could experience Mickeys’s personality almost like the real thing.

Mickey Mouse is known for his energetic and optimistic personality. His phrases have become iconic and are loved by fans all around the world.

Here of some of the best quotes from Mickey Mouse:


“See ya real soon!”

“Some imagination, huh?”

“Say, you wanna come inside my clubhouse?”

“Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse!”

“We’ve got ears! Say cheers!”


“See ya real soon!”

“Oh, tsk, tsk, tsk. No, no, no, Pluto.”

best mickey mouse quotes

Positive Mickey Mouse Quotes

Mickey Mouse, the iconic character created by Walt Disney, has brought joy and laughter to millions of people around the world. Here are some positive quotes from Mickey Mouse that will inspire and brighten your day:

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” – Mickey Mouse

“All you need is a little bit of magic.”

“Take the dream with you, wherever you may go!”

“Good times are here to stay.”

“Our dancin’ shoes will keep us light on our feet.”

“Nothing a little elbow grease won’t fix!”

“It’s all part of the magic.”

best mickey mouse quotes

Famous Mickey Mouse Quotes

“Oh, boy!”

“Hiya, pal!”


“Oh, boy! Ha-ha!”

“Hot dog!”

“Aw, gee!”

“Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Oh, boy!”

“I’m all ears!”

“Oh, boy! Isn’t this swell?”

“Hey there, hi there, ho there!”

“Oh, boy! What a mouse!”

“Gee, thanks!”

“Oh, boy! I’m so excited!”

“Oh, boy! Let’s get going!”

“Hot dog! We’re going on an adventure!”

“Oh, boy! This is gonna be fun!”


“Oh, boy! I can hardly wait!”

. “Aw, shucks!”

“Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Let’s do it again!”

“Gosh, Minnie! You’re the best!”

“Oh, boy! I love you so much!”

“Hot dog! Let’s dance the night away!”

“Gee, Minnie! You look swell today!”

“Oh, boy! Let’s make some magic together!”

.”Hot dog! Life is better with you by my side!”

“Aw, Minnie! You make me smile from ear to ear!”

“Oh, boy! Every day with you is a dream come true!”

“Gosh, Minnie! You light up my world!”

“Oh, boy! You’re my happily ever after!”

best mickey mouse quotes

Inspiring Mickey Mouse quotes

Mickey Mouse has always been an iconic character in the world of animation. His cheerful demeanor and positive outlook on life have inspired millions of people around the globe. Here are some inspirational quotes by Mickey Mouse that will surely bring a smile to your face:

“Gotta love spring weather! These warm spring winds make me all toasty inside!”

“Live every moment as not to regret what you are about to do”

“When you’re curious you find lots of interesting things to do.” 

“I can’t help you with revenge”

“Summer is wide open! Hit the beach, go hikin’– why, you can do just about anythin’ in the summertime!”

“I may be small, but I’ve got friends that make me feel ten feet tall”

“Brr, that wind sure is chilly! Don’t be gloomy just ’cause it’s cold! C’mon, let’s do something fun together!”

“I love fresh air. Makes me happy!”

“Come on, gang! Let’s show Donald we all believe in our dreams. Just reach down deep inside and find the magic in your heart. Then, on the count of three, we’ll all wish together real loud by saying ‘Dreams come true!’”

“Our dancin’ shoes will keep us light on our feet.”

“Donald, that’s it! As long as we all believe, then the power of dreams will always triumph.”

best mickey mouse quotes

Walt Disney Quotes about Mickey Mouse

“I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing—that it was all started by a mouse.”

“I love Mickey Mouse more than any woman I have ever known.”

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

“Born of necessity, the little fellow literally freed us of immediate worry. He provided the means for expanding”

“When people laugh at Mickey Mouse it’s because he’s so human; and that is the secret of his popularity.”

“Mickey Mouse is, to me, a symbol of independence. He was a means to an end”

“I often find myself surprised at what has been said about our redoubtable little Mickey, who was never really a mouse, not yet wholly a man.”

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

“But all we ever intended for him was there he should make people everywhere chuckle with him and at him.”

“Mickey was simply a little personality assigned to the purposes of laughter.” — Walt Disney

“The life and ventures of Mickey Mouse have been closely bound up with my own personal and professional life. . . He still speaks for me and I still speak for him.”

” All we ever intended for him or expected of him was that he should continue to make people everywhere chuckle with him and at him. We didn’t burden him with any social symbolism, we made him no mouthpiece for frustrations or harsh satire.

“He popped out of my mind onto a drawing pad 20 years ago on a train ride from Manhattan to Hollywood at a time when the business fortunes of my brother Roy and myself were at lowest ebb, and disaster seemed right around the corner.”

“When I was poor, living in a garage in Kansas, I began to draw the mice that scampered over my desk. This is how Mickey Mouse was born.”

“We felt that the public, and especially the children, like animals that are cute and little.”

“It is understandable that I should have sentimental attachment for the little personage who played so big a part in the course of Disney Productions and has been so happily accepted as an amusing friend wherever films are shown.”

“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.”

best mickey mouse quotes

Celebrity Quotes about Mickey Mouse

“Mickey’s still the same little guy he always was. He’s changed in appearance through the years a little bit but he’s still Mickey.” – Roy Disney

“Mickey Mouse is always there – he’s part of my life. That really is something not everyone can call their claim to fame.” – Annette Funicello

“I’m Mickey Mouse. They don’t know who’s inside the suit.” — Keanu Reeves

“Never go to Pluto; it’s a Mickey Mouse planet.” — Robin Williams

“There are only a couple characters and people in the world where, in history, where you can go anywhere in the world and say that character or person, that name, that song, and everyone knows what it is. Mickey Mouse is one, Disney, in general.” – Jordan Fisher

“The image we have would be impossible for Mickey Mouse to maintain. We’re just… normal people.” – Karen Carpenter

“My dear friend Jimmie Dodd was the heart and the soul of The Mickey Mouse Club.” – Annette Funicello

“I adored Mickey Mouse when I was a child. He was the emblem of happiness and funniness.” – Maurice Sendak

“What about Mickey Mouse? Disney tried very hard to make him a star. But Mickey Mouse is more of a symbol than a real character.” – Joseph Barbera

“The original Mickey Mouse Club, established in the ’30s, was designed to attract children to movie theaters.” – Annette Funicello

“Whether it’s as the hero of an adventure story, as teacher and friend, as an icon on a watch, shirt or hat – everyone knows Mickey Mouse.” – Warren Spector

“Mickey Mouse to me means safety, comfort and tradition. A general wash of happiness.” – Phillip Schofield

“I’d vote for Mickey Mouse before I voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin.” – Edgar Bronfman, Sr.

“My Mickey Mouse ears were given to me by a dear friend. They remind me of how I need to be silly.” – Alice Ripley

“Las Vegas without Wayne Newton is like Disneyland without Mickey Mouse.” Merv Griffin

“Mickey Mouse did not stay the little squeaky guy in Steamboat Willie. He went on to have many different versions.” – Paul Dini

best mickey mouse quotes

More Celebrity Quotes About Mickey Mouse

“There was a period of time when they estimated the two biggest stars in Hollywood were Charlie Chaplin and Mickey Mouse.” -John Lasseter

“I’m a Disney fan. Like, seriously, if I see Mickey Mouse, I light up.” – LeToya Luckett

“Mickey makes me feel joyful.” – Leslie Odom Jr.

“I used to give out Mickey Mouse awards to people. I like Mickey Mouse because he represented certain values. He invested in people, was good to his friends, and hard on his enemies. Once a year, I would have our management team from each division come to an offsite, and I would talk about Mickey Mouse.” – Bernard L. Schwartz

“Never go to Pluto; it’s a Mickey Mouse planet.” – Robin Williams

“Every election, Mickey Mouse looks better and better as president” – Duncan Long

“I’m Mickey Mouse. They don’t know who’s in the suit.” – Keanu Reeves

Funny Mickey Mouse Quotes

“Donald, I can’t understand a word you say.”

“Arithmetic is being able to count up to 20 without taking off your shoes.”

“Sorry I am late, everybody. I had to stop by the bank. I was overdrawn.”

“Oh no, age before beauty, your highness.”

“There’s a giant meatball after us!”

“Is it a fact that little old ladies come with a shiny and round nose?

“I’m just a little guy. Give me a pizza pie.”

“All right, Goofy, get ready to feel the burn.”

“It’s a barbershop quartet! Their mouths are the instruments!”

“Gosh, I love sitting.

Mickey Mouse Quotes About Love

Mickey Mouse Quotes About Love came from Mickey and Minnies love story. Why not right one of these quotes to your partner on Valentine’s day.

“Oh, Minnie. You’re all the music I’ll ever need.”

“There’s room for you in my heart.”

“Whoa! Minnie would love that rose!”

“Romance is on the menu.”

“To laugh at yourself is to love yourself”

“I will be always there with you, right there in your heart.”

“Someone worth having is someone worth waiting for.”

“Oh, Minnie, what gift could I possibly give to show you how I feel?”

“Minnie, I’m going to give you the greatest gift I have. It’s filled with all my love. Do you promise to keep it safe forever?”

“My heart does not belong to that stuff. It belongs to you.”

best mickey mouse quotes

Mickey Mouse Quotes About Friendship

Mickey Mouse values the power of friendship and the strength it brings to our lives. His unwavering loyalty and trust in his friends make him a true role model for kindness and compassion.

“Come on, I’ll be right beside you because we’re friends.”

“Donald, good sports don’t brag.”

“I may be small, but I’ve got friends that make me feel 10 feet tall.”

“Best friends stick together.”

Seems Pluto here buried his favorite bone but now he’s forgotten where he put it. I’ve been helpin’ him look, but we haven’t had any luck so far.”

“Who’s my pal? Who’s my pal?”

“You’re the best, pal!”

“But we shook hands, in our hearts. We’re connected you and me.”

“To really enjoy it here… Ya oughta go around talkin’ to everybody ya see. Ya never know what kind of fascinatin’ friendship ya might end up with!”

“There’s nothing too good for my best pals!”

“Besides, we still got each other, right?”

“That’s right! We traveled far and wide, inviting new friends to today’s festival.”

“To bring all sorts of friends together in celebration of what makes this kingdom really unique.”

best mickey mouse quotes

Cute Mickey Mouse Quotes

“She’s worth her weight in gold, all right!”

“Come inside; it’s fun inside.”

“The Mystery Mouskatool… that’s a surprise tool that can help us later.”

“Yes, sir. Janitors today, musketeers tomorrow.”

“Oh, boy! Bibbidi Bobbidi Stew!”

“Now to make the clubhouse appear, we need to say the magic words, exactly right. ‘Cause if we don’t, well, something funny might happen. The magic words are: Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse! Say it with me. Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse!”

“We wanted to make your dream come true.”

“Set sail for adventure!”

“It’s the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!”

“When you’re curious you find lots of interesting things to do.”

“Let’s win the day for Goofy!”

“What do you say, crowd? Do you want more magic?”

“You bet your sweet ears, I do.”

best mickey mouse quotes

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Mickey Mouse Facts

Sure! Here are some interesting facts about Mickey Mouse:

Creation: Mickey Mouse was created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks and made his first appearance in the short film “Steamboat Willie” on November 18, 1928. This is considered Mickey’s official birthday.

Voice: Mickey Mouse has had the same voice actor for over 30 years. Walt Disney himself provided the voice from 1928 to 1947, followed by Jim MacDonald until 1977. Wayne Allwine took over until his passing in 2009, and currently, the voice is performed by Bret Iwan.

Iconic Design: Mickey’s design has remained relatively consistent over the years. His signature white gloves were added to make his hand movements more visible in early black-and-white cartoons.

Oscar Nomination: Mickey Mouse received an Academy Award in 1932 for his first appearance in “Steamboat Willie.” The award was presented as a Special Honorary Award for creating a significant and unique cartoon character.

Fantasia: In the 1940 film “Fantasia,” Mickey Mouse starred in the segment called “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” This is one of Mickey’s most iconic roles, wearing a sorcerer’s hat and bringing brooms to life with disastrous consequences.

Global Icon: Mickey Mouse is recognized worldwide and serves as the official mascot for The Walt Disney Company.

Theme Parks: Mickey Mouse is one of the central figures at Disney theme parks around the globe. He often appears for meet-and-greet sessions and parades, delighting fans of all ages.

Mickey Mouse Club: In the 1950s, the “Mickey Mouse Club” was a popular TV show aimed at children and teenagers. It featured a cast of talented young performers known as Mouseketeers.

Comic Strips: Mickey Mouse has appeared in comic strips since January 1930, expanding his popularity beyond animated films and TV shows.

Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame: In 1978, Mickey Mouse received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, recognizing his significant contributions to the entertainment industry.

Name: Mickey’s name was going to be Mortimer Mouse, but Walt Disney’s wife convinced him to change it to Mickey.

Mickey Mouse’s enduring popularity over the decades has made him one of the most beloved and recognizable fictional characters in the world.

So there you have the most notable Mickey Mouse catchphrase and best Mickey Mouse quotes.

Whether you love meeting Mickey Mouse in person at one of the Disney Parks or enjoy the original Mickey Mouse club, if you are a fan of the beloved mouse and all things of the Walt Disney world the we hope you enjoyed this list.

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