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5 Easy Snacks to Make on Vacation

While traveling, it can be hard to make food instead of buying it or going to a restaurant for every meal. Odds are if you’re staying in a hotel there’s either no kitchen area or a very poor one at that, and if you’re renting a house, it can still be hard to find good ingredients.

Instead of spending a lot of money on restaurants or buying pre-made food, try these five snacks you can easily make on vacation!

sliced fruits on black ceramic plate

1.) Pepper Jelly PB&J

Our first snack is a fun twist on an old classic, the peanut butter and jelly. Instead of using regular grape or strawberry jelly, try and find some locally made pepper jelly to try instead. 

Pick your favourite flavor, grab some sliced bread and peanut butter and you’re all set! This snack is great for kids and adults alike in between seeing the sites or when you’re out and about.

2.) Trail Mix

Another classic snack that you can make easily anywhere you are is a nice bag of trail mix. Bags of trail mix are great for a mid-hiking snack, something to eat on the ride home, or just something to help hold you or your family over until dinner.

The ingredients can be bought for cheap at your nearest convenience or grocery store, and all you have to do is throw them all in a bag and shake it up and you’re all set!

3.) Fruit Salad

Not only is this next snack easy, healthy, and tasty, it can also be used together with a fun vacation activity! Fruit salad is a great way to eat healthy on vacation and is super easy to make.

If you find yourself near a farm that offers fruit picking, jump on it! Pick all kinds of different fruits, and if you can’t pick them the farm should be selling some for you to add to your salad!

When you get back to your house or hotel, wash them off and mix them together in anything resembling a bowl or throw them in to-go bags like the trail mix!

4.) Cracker Sandwiches 

This snack is very customizable to your family’s tastes and also has cheap ingredients. All you’ll need for this one is some crackers, some cheese, and some meat, like cold cuts, which can all be purchased at a local grocery store.

Get your favourite cheese and meat together and put them in between some crackers for a light snack that’s tasty too!

5.) Peanut Butter Cheerios

This last one is a personal favorite that is made on most vacations we go on as a family. The recipe is super simple, only 2 real ingredients, peanut butter and honey nut cheerios, and you just need a microwave.

Throw the peanut butter in a microwave safe bowl to get it nice and melted, then drizzle it on top of your cheerios and let it cool in the fridge or at room temp for a bit. After the peanut hardens you’re ready to start enjoying this sweet treat!

Try these fun and easy snacks next time you’re on vacation, they’re sure to be a hit!

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