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Difference Between Patio Furniture and Indoor Furniture

One of the basic differences between outdoor and indoor furniture is that the former can be used both inside and outside, while indoor furniture can only be used inside the home or office. This link has more on this too. We look at a few other differences below.

The Change in Condition

The likelihood of indoor gear fading or discolouring is a lot higher than the outdoor furnishings. Some materials fade quicker than others, for instance, wood which will weaken and look different when it is constantly exposed to rain and UV rays.  Outdoor furniture such as an outdoor bar table, however, is made to handle harsh weather conditions and no rain or sun will spoil it, however, it may need to be painted or treated once in a while.  It is a very versatile piece of furniture to have. 

Unless you have children, the wear and tear factors of any type of furniture won’t be as high no matter what you buy. 

The Materials

There are many materials used in today’s furnishings, both for the inside and the outside. Timber, for instance, is a popular one and there are many options for this one material. If your preference is to go for wooden furnishings, this guide can help you figure out the different types:

There are also Aluminium, plastic, resin or rattan tables and chairs, and heavy iron décor that can all look and feel fabulous on any patio. When used outside, treatment of some of these materials may be needed, however with the inside there is not much treatment needed besides wiping the tables, stools or chairs down with a damp cloth and you can also use furniture spray for this. 

If you want these items to last, don’t ever use other cleaning solvents such as window sprays, carpet cleaners or soap. It will wither the furniture and make it look shabby. Some materials are more studier than others, but the range of what you put inside can be similar to those outside. For instance, you can use aluminium in both spaces, as well as resin, however, were not too sure if plastic will look good in the living room. 

Fabrics are also something to consider. If your looking for outside cushions, they may be made from a more durable material to withstand different weather, such as canvas or plastic. Indoors, you can opt for almost any type of material.

The Weather-Proof Factor

Strong and durable materials such as certain types of woods, which outdoor furniture is made from, last longer. For example, teak is a brilliant type of wood that is used to create some masterpiece furniture for outdoor use. It comprises a few characteristics such as its is aesthetically pleasing, strong, durable and adaptable.

This particular wood can withstand most elements no matter if it is raining, snowing or the suns out. You may have seen it in patio furniture stores online and labelled it as either “teak wood furniture” or “Teak oiled wood furniture”. These are the same things. To know if you are purchasing the real thing, you should read the description on the online store. 

Other types of wood have similar characteristics, including Southern White Pine, Western Red Cedar, American Cherry, Japanese Oak, African mahogany and American Walnut, these are all available in the USA and other parts of the world as well.

The Price Factor

When kitting your place out inside the house, you may most likely need to spend a few extra bucks on everything. Indoor furniture is relatively more expensive than outside gear. The patio pieces would usually be priced according to functionality and are purpose-built, as opposed to the finer dining table and chairs you would have bought for the dining area inside.

The Expiry Date

Even though indoor equipment may last longer it will depend on how well you look after it. Because these pieces are used almost daily, and with the addition of children, they do have a tendency or wearing out much quicker. Items such as sofas and chairs inside the home are usually well-used and become weak over time. 

Having said that, because outdoor pieces are, well, outside, they too can wear out depending on the pieces you buy. If they are of a cheaper material or style, they too can collapse and break or get damaged easier. It is always a good idea to cover any furniture items that are left on your patio when not in use. This will make sure they stay protected and last longer than the average type. 

All in all, the pieces you buy for your rooms in the house will also have a different look and feel, they will be more elegant looking or chic, while the more robust looking ones are meant for the outside such as benches, loungers and chairs which would normally not “fit” well with the rest of your furniture in the living room or kitchen areas.