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How To Embrace Feminine Sensuality

how to be sensual and feminine

A low sex drive affects 30% to 40% of women but is a problem that is often diminished in the medical world. Getting in touch with your sensuality can be a great way to increase your libido and create a fulfilling sex life. Women and men differ hormonally.

So, they often need different circumstances to achieve pleasure. By taking the time to understand your unique sexuality and using tools like female enhancer gel to your advantage, you can begin to improve your sex life and live more sensually. Here are some ways to embrace your feminine sensuality.

How to be Sensual and Feminine

Feminine energy is about slowing down and enjoying the moment. So try to practice mindfulness every day and look for things to be grateful for.

Relax, surrender control and enjoy the moment. Feminine energy is nurturing and emotional, so really focus on the relationships you have. Check in with your loved ones and think of little things you can do to take care of them.

Something as simple as a phone call or arranging a lunch can really help build stronger connections.

Feeling good is important in order to embrace your sensuality. When you feel good, you luck good. Ensure you are dedicating time each day to self care.

Soak in hot bubble bath with an oil diffuser and music. Curl up on the sofa with a blanket, and your favourite. good book . Have a cup of tea, do your nails, do yoga, listen to music, anything that helps you unwind and feel pampered.

Women are more emotional beings. There’s nothing wrong with allowing yourself to be soft and vulnerable sometimes. Release your feelings, have a cry if you need to. It’s about being present and letting yourself sit in how you feel in  for a moment, process your emotions before allowing it to pass.

how to be sensual and feminine

Quick tips on how to be more sensual and feminine

  • Walk with confidence
  • Love your body
  • Practise self care

Read Erotic Fiction

Romance novels and online erotic fiction can be inspiring. Not only can they increase desire, but they can also provide examples of new ways to be sensual and spark your imagination.

With the ease of e-readers, smartphones, and free online sources, you no longer need to wait or fear someone judging your reading choices in public. Try seeking out some short stories or novels that sound interesting to you and notice what arouses you the most.

Communicate With Your Partner

If you’re currently in a relationship, making an effort to communicate about your sexual desires and experiences can help you feel closer and create a more enjoyable experience for you both.

Although many people avoid the subject out of fear of awkwardness or hurt feelings, approaching the conversation with an open heart and mind can improve your partnership immensely.

You can take an online questionnaire that compares your wants or simply take time to talk about what you like and don’t like in your relationship. Make sure to approach the conversation at a neutral time for the best chance of success.

Explore Self-Pleasure

Life can often get in the way of self-care and self-pleasure. Set some time aside to be alone and explore your sensuality in a comfortable space.

Create a mood by taking a bath, lighting candles, or dimming the lights. Leave enough time to let your mind explore memories or fantasies, so you don’t feel rushed or pressured. Try mixing up your usual routine with new positions, locations, or sexy videos to get your brain used to different scenarios.

Watch Tutorials Online

There are numerous creators who focus on nurturing female sensuality and breaking out of the sensual perspective from a male viewpoint. A quick search on YouTube will lead you to thousands of videos to explore in this arena.

From videos about sensual massage to bringing spirituality into the bedroom, you are sure to come away with new knowledge about ways to explore your sultry side.

These are a few ways to begin to embrace your feminine sensuality and learn about your own pleasure. By following some of the steps above, you can be sure that you’ll walk away with new knowledge and move toward a better relationship with your physical body.

Don’t be afraid to shed what you do not connect with in order to make more room to integrate what is most evocative for you.