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Innovative Dental Care Practices for a Healthier Smile

There are many ways to care for your oral health these days. Technology in the dental care field has come so far that at-home care can be highly effective. It can be a little overwhelming to determine which of the various oral health care devices and protocols you should be following, however.

If you are not sure which innovative dental care practices you should follow, you can count on your dentist in Marietta. We will help you to make an educated decision with regard to these various oral healthcare options so that you and your loved ones can enjoy happier, healthier smiles all year long.

Innovative Dental Care Practices to Follow

1.        Water Flossers

Most patients report that they don’t enjoy the process of flossing their teeth. It can also be hard to get children to take the time to actually complete this essential oral health care process on a regular basis. Thankfully, there are new technologies that make flossing easier than it’s ever been.

There are many different kinds of water flossers on the market today, with the most well-known of them being the Waterpik. These devices make flossing a breeze and they can also help those with sensitive gums to find the process to be less uncomfortable.

These devices are not that expensive, and you will find that they come in a variety of different orientations. Finding the right water flosser is easier than ever, and this device might completely change the way that you care for your teeth and gums.

2.        Natural Oral Healthcare Products

If you are concerned about the ingredients in the well-known, mainstream brands, you can now select from a host of natural products that are made with organic ingredients. Toothpastes that are infused with charcoal powders and natural mint oil are common in these products. Make sure that you chat with your dentist if you are concerned about allergies or about products that are organic that might perform differently than the oral health products that you are used to.

While most dentists will still recommend products that have been through extensive testing and research processes, we can advise about which all-natural products you should avoid or which will not completely attend to your oral health needs.

3.        Electric Toothbrushes

While not a new dental care device, the electric toothbrush market has expanded and grown to include all kinds of different toothbrush types with different cleaning options and modes. These new electric toothbrush products will allow you to brush at different speeds for set amounts of time, and they can even track your brushing behavior to tell you what you need to improve.

One of the key perks of an electric toothbrush is that these items are set up to notify you with a different set of buzzing pulses to move on to each new quadrant of your mouth. Most of us don’t time ourselves while we are brushing our teeth, which can lead to an inadequate amount of time spent on various parts of our mouths.

Brushing with a traditional toothbrush will still get the job done, but electric toothbrushes can help you take care of all of your teeth each time you brush and can protect your gums and teeth from being damaged. It is easy to push too hard with a standard toothbrush or to miss parts of your mouth as you are brushing. Getting an electric toothbrush can ensure that you are providing your teeth with the perfect amount of brushing and keeping your gums safe from being injured.

4.        Dental Care Apps

Many of the newest dental healthcare products, like electric toothbrushes, are now connected to apps that track your brushing behavior, the time that you brush, and more. This can be really ideal for motivating young family members to brush more effectively, and it can also call out areas where you need to improve your oral health care routine.

It’s a bit of a crazy thought to be able to connect your toothbrush to an app to see how well you did when you brushed last, but today, it’s a reality! Many patients are surprised by just how much a dental care app can change and improve their brushing and flossing behaviors. You might be shocked at just how much of your mouth you are missing when you are brushing.

5.        Improved Dental Floss Products

Dental floss is still the gold standard when it comes to cleaning food out from between your teeth. However, the old version of this dental product was often hard to work with and didn’t always do the trick when it came to getting food out from the narrow spaces between teeth.

Today’s dental floss products are made of woven materials that can capture and remove all the food and debris that gets caught between teeth. They are also easier on your fingers and much more pleasant to use. You can also choose to get flossers rather than a spool of dental floss, which allows you to avoid the process of wrapping floss around your fingers.

Being able to remove the “ickiness” from specific dental processes is always ideal and can help to motivate anyone to take care of this part of their oral health religiously. Kids will also enjoy using these products since they are much more straightforward to work with and don’t get caught in between teeth or hurt your fingers.

Caring for Your Teeth Has Never Been Easier

 If you have been wanting to find ways to make your oral healthcare goals easier to meet, these revolutionary products can help! There are new dental products coming out on the market every day, and we can help you to determine which of them is worth investing in for you and your family. Caring for your teeth correctly has never been easier!

When it comes to dental care, you have lots of options these days. Avoiding cavities, damage to your gums, or gum disease is easy with these quality products on your side. 

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