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Learn the Popular Trends in Plant-Based Foods, A Journey Towards Sustainability 

Consuming plant-based foods has become one of the most popular trends in the current era. After the pandemic-scare and post-pandemic health deterioration, people are leaning more towards plant-based diets. Research has proved that regular consumption of a plant-based diet can prevent chronic diseases and help to lead a healthy lifestyle. Plant-based foods used to be of less variety before in comparison to non-vegetarian foods. However, at current times, food enthusiasts and manufacturers have brought new varieties considering the increasing demand for vegan food items. Now, you can get the exact same taste and texture of meat in plant-based food platters. The recipes have become more innovative to bring out the exquisite taste of various regional foods. This article will let you know about the crucial trends in the plant-based food market that will shape the future of food cuisines. 

How Plant-Based Food Rose to the Mainstream?

Plant-based food has not come to the mainstream in one day. It’s a steady progress over the past few years. Various environmental, social and health-related factors have contributed to its rise. Multiple scientific research proved the benefits of the plant-based diet and the number has increased in recent years. This awareness has made people switch to vegan food to keep their health condition in check. Along with that various influential documentaries like “The Game Changers” have played an important role in the increase of veganism. With the increasing number of vegan food consumers, the cultural and social stigma regarding vegan food has diminished. Now people see plant-based food consumption as a healthy and trendy life choice. Social media channels have played a crucial role in spreading different interesting vegan food recipes and advocating veganism. All these aspects have helped vegan foods to rise to the mainstream slowly.

Current and Future Trends 

Now check out the plant-based food trends that are dominating the current food market. 

  1. Plant-based meat replacements 

Previously people used to believe that plant-based foods have very little variety. Even if there were some innovative vegan products available they were high in calories and saturated fats. The current era has completely changed this mindset by introducing meat replacements that are healthy besides being tasty. Food manufacturers started using fresh plant-based products like mushrooms and pea protein to bring out the taste and texture of meat. People have become more accepting of these types of meat alternatives. 

  1. Plant-based seafood

Crossing the boundaries of meat, plant-based foods are now exploring the taste and texture of seafood. This has become possible with the help of advanced food technology in the modern era. With plant-based ingredients like seaweed, legumes and yeast, food enthusiasts have been successful in creating the texture and taste of fish, salmon, tuna, crab and other seafood. 

  1. Plant-based fast food

With the wide acceptance of plant-based meat, the idea of plant-based fast food has come to the mainstream. Vegans can now satisfy their fast-food cravings in the form of meatless burgers, pizzas and wraps. Popular food chains like KFC, Burger King and Taco Bell have included vegan food options in their menus. There is a huge possibility that these vegan menus will continue to grow in future.