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Montpellier in a Nutshell: Essential 24-hour City Highlights Guide

Let romance take the lead and adventure take you to places you’ve never been by travelling to a magical place. Europe offers many romantic city breaks every couple, friend group, or solo traveller should visit. France cannot be missing from such a list, but contrary to popular opinion, it is not Paris that will help you explore today. This 24-hour city highlights guide pertains to an underrated French destination that will steal your heart. Learn about Montpellier in a nutshell here and prepare for the best holiday ever. 

Why Choose Montpellier?

As we already hinted, when talking about French holidays, most people’s first thought is Paris. But why choose Montpellier instead? The Mediterranean climate, with stunning beaches just a stone’s throw away, makes it a fantastic destination for sun lovers. Montpellier is brilliant because not only are there historical attractions to satiate your curiosity, but also the youths and locals are friendly, and the atmosphere is lively with a plethora of cafes, restaurants, parks, and festivals to visit. An activity that you shouldn’t miss in Montpellier is wine tasting at local vineyards. Montpellier in a nutshell is a wine city since it is situated in the Languedoc-Roussillon region.

How to Reach Montpellier?

By Train

Montpellier Saint-Roch is the main railway station and is located in the city centre. Both high-speed and regional trains connect Montpellier to other major cities and regional destinations. 

By Car

It is common for travellers to take their car and tour Europe in general or France in particular. There are major motorways along the coast and inland, ensuring that drivers can go wherever they want without issues. 

By Plane

Montpellier-Méditerranée Airport serves the city, as it is located only about 7 kilometres from its centre. Travellers from across Europe and France land there, and there are plenty of means of transport to take them to Montpellier.

How to Hire a Car at Montpellier Airport?

With a plethora of fascinating attractions within the city and fun destinations surrounding it, most Montpellier visitors hire a car the moment they land so that they can spend every single second exploring the area and not looking for the optimal means of transport.

Where to Hire a Car at Montpellier Airport? 

You can view the most affordable Montpellier airport car hire options for all kinds of vehicles on Car features, hire policies, and no hidden fees are provided so that you can make the right choice and book with no doubts or worries. Certainty and security are guaranteed when you hire a car with Holiday Cars. 

Montpellier in a Nutshell: Attractions to Visit

Musée Fabre: You will fall in love with the arts once you step into the Musée Fabre. You’ll admire European paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts from the Renaissance to the present day.

Antigone: Antigone is a district in the east of Montpellier’s centre known for the designs of the Catalan architect Ricardo Bofill and its ancient Greece inspiration. 

Place de la Comédie: This is a striking and popular square where you should stop to grab a croissant and people-watch to soak up the French atmosphere.