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6 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Workout

5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Workout

With the closure of gyms, at the beginning of lockdown I definitely lost my motivation to workout. My usual routine and daily schedule completely changed and I felt so lost!

After adjusting a few things I managed to get back into the habit of exercising and feel so much more energised and motivated.

Today I wanted to give you 5 tips that help me stay motivated to exercise and stay active. I hope that some of these tips help you when you can’t really be bothered to work out or you’ve lost your mojo a little

  1. Mix it up

I easily get bored when it comes to my exercise routine. If you’ve been doing the same type of workout every day for months and haven’t been getting as excited about it, switch things up. If you get bored of your exercise routine you will soon get demotivated.

I have been really enjoying working out from home and have been trying lots of different workouts that I wouldn’t normally go for. There are loads of different workouts available on YouTube for free that you can try.

2. Have the equipment

You don’t have to spend a lots of money, but investing in a good pair of trainers, some weights, sports bra and leggings that you feel amazing in can help you feel better about working out.

I have also been enjoying wearing a sports watch to help me track my movement. There are so many different choices of sports watches for women available; my one tracks my steps, calories burned, distanced travelled and my heart rate. The samsung bands come in Metal, Milanese and Leather as well as Sports & Classic looks, so with this variety to choose from, you are sure to find something in your style and to suit your needs

3. Create a Routine

Having a clear plan set out always make things so much easier, way less stressful and allows you to be more consistent with your workouts. I  create a routine for each week, planning what exercises I’m going to do, for how long etc. You can also find the best morning yoga videos here – try to follow them religiously and have that perfect workout session. When you create a routine you will feel a bigger sense of control over your workouts.

4. Have an Amazing Playlist.

Nothing gets me more motivated then having an amazing workout playlist. So find the tracks you like and enjoy and build yourself an uplifting playlist. This will keep you motivated and in a happy mood, making the workout more enjoyable.

5. Eat Healthily, Drink Lots of water & Sleep well.

If you eat lots of junk it can way you down and make you feel tired. Leaving you feeling demotivated.

Find some healthy recipes that you truly enjoy, drink lots of water and allow time for sleep and rest.

6. Make Particular Exercises Less Daunting And More Exciting

A lot of people can become demotivated when knowing about a particular workout that is upon them. They may not be in the mood for it due to its tedious nature or how difficult it is. If you can make it a little simpler or make it a more appetizing prospect, the motivation can rise quickly. For instance, using resistance bands for pull ups instead of grueling body weight pull ups can really change everything for this exercise. If you actually look to enjoy your workouts, motivation becomes very easy to come by. Nobody should ever really force themselves to get up and be active – it should be something we all look forward to.

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Tuesday 21st of July 2020

Since lockdown started, I have created more of an exercise routine and I love exercising more than I ever have done! A great post lovely x

Lucy |