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Best Places to Visit in the North of the UK

The autumn is naturally the perfect time to explore the UK, with it being a quieter time than during the summer months, therefore making it a quieter time to get around! The South gets a lot of attention, though, when there are great many places in the North well deserving of your time.

Indeed, there are myriad wonderful destinations to consider when planning a great northern trip – and many of them are a short hop on the train away from one another, giving you the chance to explore multiple places with mere hours of travel in-between. But where should you visit?

green grass field near lake under cloudy sky during daytime

The Lake District

The North of England has a great many good reasons to visit, but the best – and most expansive, by far – is quite probably the Lake District. The Lake District is a national park that spans over 2,000 square kilometres, and hosts a number of sublime glacier lakes set into mountainous terrain.

The Lake District is not defined by any one destination or location and is best explored as something of a round trip. Destinations like Lake Windermere and Ullswater are worth dropping by for the views alone, though.


Whitby sits proudly on the north-east coast of England, standing as a unique mix of developing village and seaside resort. Whitby has its place in history, but also in culture, as it is famed for its role in inspiring Bram Stoker’s seminal work of fiction Dracula. Whitby Abbey, an 11th century construction that looks out to sea from its craggy perch, remains in use to this day – and was the model for Dracula’s home.

But Whitby isn’t just for literature lovers. The seaside boasts the best fish and chips on the coast and has an incredible arcade full of classic and modern amusements alike. The streets are also a joy simply to wander.


Whitby isn’t the only northern destination of great literary repute. There is another, in the form of famed Yorkshire village Haworth. Haworth is best-known for being the home of the Bronte sisters, individually gifted writers and collectively a defining force in literature.

Much of Haworth inspired their separate writings, and their influences can be explored by wandering the village. There is also the Bronte Parsonage Museum, held and maintained in their original Haworth home.


The term ‘jewel of the North’ is thrown around handily when talking about the great locations found in the North of England – but there is only one place to which the term can truly, essentially apply: Harrogate. Harrogate is a spa town north of Leeds, and a distinctly quaint modern centre that wears its roots proudly on its sleeve.

Harrogate is the perfect place to visit for a spot of afternoon tea, being home to the quintessential afternoon tea purveyors Betty’s Tearoom. There are also the Turkish Baths, in which you can while away the afternoon being pampered to your heart’s desire!