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Grass-Fed Beef: Why Is It Better?

Grass-fed beef is healthier and more pure than its conventionally raised counterpart. It also has a much stronger flavor, making it more delicious. Here’s why you should give it a try.

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Grass-Fed vs. Grain-Fed Beef — What’s the Difference?

The difference between grain-fed beef and grass-fed beef can be explained as the difference between factory farming and natural raising. Factory farms raise cattle in confined spaces, which causes the cows to produce more milk for their calves instead of body fat. These cows are fed grains or a combination of grains and soybeans, which leads to higher levels of cholesterol and saturated fats in the meat. This is why grass-fed beef is much better for your health than grain-fed beef. Because cows are allowed to roam on pastures, both their bodies and digestive systems are able to break down the natural vegetation that they feed on, resulting in a more nutrient-rich meat.


Is Trader Joe’s beef 100% grass fed?

Not quite. Trader Joe’s says that they use 100% USDA inspected and approved beef, which means that it is raised on a range of 100% grass-fed pastures. However, the meat is then processed at a USDA facility, which means it can be made into a variety of products. The main difference between conventionally raised beef and grass-fed beef is that conventionally raised cows are kept in feedlots for the majority of their lives and fed corn and other grains from birth to death. When they’re finally slaughtered, their meat is marbled with fat, making it less healthy for you. Grass-fed cows are allowed to roam free on pastures and eat only grass during the entirety of their lives. This makes them healthier and gives them more flavor to the final product! You might wonder why people would buy something so expensive when there are cheaper alternatives out there. According to some Good Ranchers reviews, it’s a good option to buy grass-fed beef affordably online. But keep in mind that quality comes with a cost–and this type of meat just isn’t meant to be mass-produced like many others are. It’s a luxury item that you should try if you have an opportunity!


Is Costco beef grass fed?

According to the label, Costco is labeled as having 100 percent of their beef in its natural state. This means that they don’t feed the animals any antibiotics or growth hormones. To be grass fed, the cows must have access to pasture for at least 120 days a year. However, some frustrated consumers have been complaining about the lack of labeling on their meat. Costco doesn’t specify if and where their cows are grazing, so you aren’t guaranteed that your beef is truly grass-fed. This raises a red flag because it means that you can’t be sure if your beef is truly grass-fed unless you go through the process of asking yourself how the cow was raised and then buying it from a reputable seller.


Is 100% grass fed beef better?

Yes, grass-fed beef is better than conventionally raised. The quality of the meat is superior and it tastes better. Not only that, but the hormones and antibiotics are not used on these cattle. They can be found at most grocery stores if you’re trying to avoid buying beef that has been raised with chemicals. In addition to this, the cows are allowed to roam around in nature and eat what they want, which results in a healthier cow. Cattle that are raised this way produce milk for their calves as well as meat for human consumption. The benefits of grass-fed beef go beyond flavor and healthiness; it also offers environmental benefits. More cows being raised outdoors means less greenhouse gas emissions from methane created from cattle manure. Also, some people believe that pasture grazing actually improves soil quality and preserves natural resources like water and grasses because cows feed on them naturally when they wander outside of their pens during grazing time. Grass-fed beef goes well with vegetables like kale or spinach because these vegetables don’t have strong flavors by themselves. It adds a nice balance to any meal!