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Top 10 Bristol Activities

If you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie and looking for a great place to make some long lasting memories Bristol has plenty to offer.

Whatever the occasion, organising a Bristol stag weekend, hen weekend or even just looking for a crazy weekend to enjoy with friends, Bristol has plenty to keep you all entertained.

When looking to book a group activity the reality is that what we really want is to create long lasting memories that everyone will still be talking about for many years to come.  

Attending that event you will still be laughing at in 10 years’ time and results in you telling as many people as possible, is really the ultimate goal. 

Finding a fun activity that appeals to everyone is not easy, but this top 10 list has lots to tempt even the hard to please and if you still can’t agree, why not do more than one!

people walking on bridge during daytime
West Country Games

Enter into the crazy world of West Country Games and embrace what the Somerset countryside has to offer – the best group activity in the South West! Your group will take part in 9 totally unique ‘West Country’ themed games, from the Cider Run to Mangold Danglin’, everyone takes part in all of the games, yes all 9 of them!  OOH AAR! Or if you’re gathering over the bridge in Wales check out their sister activity, Welsh Games, for a fantastic Cardiff stag weekend.

Bungee Jumping

Ever wondered how it would feel to jump a 160 ft? or what the adrenaline of a bungee jump would feel like? Well Bristol can offer you this experience. If you think you’ve got what it takes to make that leap of faith, why not give it a go.

Quad Biking

Roar around the South West Woodland on all-terrain Quad Bikes and experience the thrill of negotiating twists, turns, mud and all on powerful 4 wheel drive machines. This exhilarating trek through the countryside will leave you pumped and wanting more!  

Paint Balling

Running around a variety of stunning game zones, shooting one another, how much more fun do you want? See if you’ve got what it takes to survive the challenge of themed scenarios and see who comes out on top. You’ll find something for every ability and playing style.  Whether you go for the full on action approach or lay low and snipe your way out! This battle is sure not to disappoint.

Go Karting

Release your inner race car driver and compete against your mates, who will end up with the fastest lap time of the day? How will you tackle the fast straights, sweeping bends and hair raising hair pin turns? Specifically designed multi-level tracks will test the best and see who’s the fastest? Have you got what it takes to set the lap record?


Fancy something different?  The Wave could be just the adventure you’re looking for, come and  experience the thrill and speed of the water, with its powerful generated waves, this challenge could provide more excitement than you can handle! Why not test your nerve and water skills whilst in the city and come try something new.


Got a head for heights and fancy the challenge of climbing to the top?  This give it a go climbing style session could be just the ticket. These engaging and fun sessions are sure to give the heart and arms a good work out, so why not give it a go,

Escape Rooms

Reckon you’ve got what it takes to escape? why not put it to the test in one or more of the great themed escape rooms Cardiff has to offer.
Pitch your wit, stamina and puzzle solving skills to escape in time, does your team have what it takes?

Axe Throwing

Ever fancied a bit of axe throwing? Yes, well now’s your chance.  This activity is sure to get the blood pumping and adrenaline flowing. Come show them who’s boss and spend some time on this crazy new trend. Find out the best throwing axes here.

Tree Top Adventure Golf

Anyone for a round of golf with a difference? Why not adventure into the crazy world of mini golf, where anything is possible.  Whatever your skills, there is something for everyone. Swing your way around the course in this fun packed activity, you may just surprise yourself!