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How Addiction Affects Your Finances

The physical and mental health challenges that accompany addiction are frequently discussed. What is not always highlighted so much is the impact that battling addiction can have on your financial health.

You can get all the professional support and facilities you need to boost your chances of making a full recovery from addiction when you check into an addiction treatment center but what will be the financial impact and how will it play a role in your recovery process?

Addiction and poverty share a long association

Your ability to make sensible financial decisions and keep a tight control over your money is always likely to be seriously impaired when you are battling addiction. It stands to reason that when you are focused on other things that seem to be more important at the time, the state of your finances seems to take a back seat.

It is not surprising that poverty and addiction can so often go hand in hand.

The problem with this relationship is that it is a vicious circle. If you are in a poor state of financial health you are more vulnerable to addiction in the first place. If you fall into addiction, even a healthy bank balance can soon turn negative once your thoughts turn to feeding your addiction.

The cost of paying for drugs and alcohol

Whether you are consuming drugs or alcohol, both come at a high cost. The more tolerant  you become to the effects of these substances the greater the quantities you might end up consuming.

The obvious impact of that scenario is that your financial situation can quickly become very dire as a result of spending so much to fuel your habit.

Maintaining a level of functionality might prolong the inevitable

Some people manage to hold down a job while supporting their addiction. It is almost inevitable that they will succumb to a deeper spiral into addiction without professional help or intervention.

The end result is that their ability to pay for these substances may get cut off when they lose their job as a result of their erratic behavior or unreliability.

It is not just the person with the addiction problem that suffers financially

A loved one might feel they are doing the right thing in providing a level of financial support in response to your requests for money to feed your habit.

Sadly, this has the result of impacting the financial standing and status of someone closely connected. The fundamental impact that addiction can have on anyone’s finances should not be understated or underestimated.

Make no mistake, addiction is a very expensive lifestyle to try and support. The task of maintaining that level of income is beyond most, especially when it is so challenging to function properly when battling addiction.

It is a good idea to discuss the subject of financial support and income as part of the recovery process. Being able to stand on your own two feet and support yourself is an integral aspect of the recovery process.

Understanding the financial impact of addiction is important for so many compelling reasons.